The Bucket List

The Bucket List!
1.       Watch the best rated horror films []
2.    Kiss someone in the rain []
3.    Hike around the river valley [X] June 11, 2014
4.    Conquer the stairs at the river valley []
5.     Visit cute little coffee shops [X]  July 10th, 2014
6.     Write a note and release it in the air with a balloon []
7.     Ride the Ferris wheel at night [X] August 8th, 2014
8.    Work on my writing [X] August-November, 2015
9.     Make at least 6 dance videos []
10.   Have a water balloon/water gun fight []
11.      Go on a picnic  [X] July 15, 2014
12.   Watch a sunset with someone [X] August 16th, 2014
13.   Go on a thrift store shopping adventure []
14.   Decorate my room with pictures [X] May 22nd, 2014
15.    Redecorate my room [X] May 22nd, 2014
16.    Create a reading list [X] September 2015
17.    Read all my books []
18.   Try something I have never eaten before [X] May 23rd, 2014
19.    Release a paper floating lantern []
20. Dance in the rain [X] August 2nd, 2015
21.   Give strangers flowers []
22. Go star gazing (do this twice) [X] August 16th, 2014 & November 19th, 2015
23. Attempt to find a drive in theatre []
24. But first get my license [XMarch 1st, 2016 
25.  Go to the Calgary zoo or a zoo (I just wanna see the cute animals) [X] June 29,2014
26. Try Pete's Drive in for the first time [X] June 29th, 2014
27.  Make homemade ice cream []
28. Build an epic fort and watch a movie in it []
29. Take photos in a photo booth []
30. Go to a farmer's market [X] May 31st, 2014
31.   Collect my favorite quotes [X] July, 2014
32. Take a photo with a stranger [X] June 21st, 2014
33. Make a pie (I’ve always wanted to try, don’t judge) []
34. Get my fortune told/ visit the Russian tea room []
35.  Have a Disney movie marathon []
36. Sleep on a beach [X] August 10th, 2014
37. Watch bates motel [X] January 10th, 2015
38.  Have a paint fight []
39.  Visit a castle [X]
40. Create a summer scrap book []
41.   Have a beach bonfire []
42. Go camping [X] August 27th, 2014
43. Go fishing [X] August 27th, 2014
44. Learn to play guitar []
45.  Go on a road trip to Drumheller [X] June 30th, 2015
46.  Visit a ghost town []
47.  Grow a sunflower []
48. Start a new hobby []
49.  Go to a comedy club []
50.  Graduate from University [X] June 17th, 2015
51.  Go Skating [X]January 2016
52.  Have a cake fight (baked or have a batter fight) []
53.  Adopt a dog []
54.  Visit the SPCA again [X] Go all the time thanks to my work
55.  See a broadway/musical [X] August 7th, 2015 Lion King!
56.  Just Travel []
57. Go to Ikea []
58.  Dine at a restaurant I've never been to [X]Feb. 13th, 2016
59.  Finish my "Wreck it Journal" []
60. Go paint balling [X] August 29th, 2015
61. Go snowboarding [X] January 2016
62. Visit Jasper for the first time []
63. Go back to NYC []
64. Spend a night in a treehouse []
65. Kiss someone under a mistletoe []
66. See the Stonehenge []
67. Go on a spontaneous adventure []
68. Have a home library []
69. Go to Amsterdam []

70. Complete the bucket list []

   #14 and #15
  So on May 22nd at 12:30 am I decided to start cleaning my room and then around 1 am decided it would be a good idea to not only clean my room, but literally move furniture around. I mean, I'm 5'3 and 95 pounds of nothing so when I moved furniture I literally had to take everything off of the shelves…And to make matters worse I would toss it all on my bed, so I couldn't actually sleep until I finished cleaning. When you have over 112 books lying all over your bed, DVDs, and TV series, you have to put them away. By around 2 am I was able to get everything off my bed, so I called it a night. Later that morning I finished cleaning and organizing and even took the time to do something I have always wanted to do- I grabbed some string and placed it all over my walls so that I could hang pictures from it! I am now literally surrounded by everyone that I love, from family to friends, and every morning it's a reminder of how lucky I am to have such amazing people in my life.
  And yes, I do still have stuffed animals in my room. Most of them were gifts, but a few are my first stuffed animals I had since I was a baby. Don't hate.

   30. Visit a Farmers Market

   Well I went to one and let me tell you, they are so cute and fascinating. I mean really, you can kind anything and everything there. We went to the one on Strathcona and they had everything from food, to flowers, to paintings, and jewellery. I honestly just loved walking around and exploring. It makes you realize how beautiful our city can be. I'm really excited to see the one in St. Albert because i've heard its the biggest one in western Canada! 
   25. Go to the Calgary Zoo
   I finally did it! I finally got to go to the zoo and saw so many cute animals. I just wanted to take them all home with me and love them. The penguins and the giraffes were probably one of my favourite parts :) It was also our first official girls road trip so that was exciting all on its own.

   26. Go to Pete's Drive In for the first time
   And of course on our way out of Calgary we had to stop and get Pete's drive in because burgers and milkshakes? Hello what could possibly be better? (Can you tell I really really really like food, like a lot).   

   3. Hike Around the River Valley
   After making breakfast for my lovely friend, we decided to go to the river valley go park with my little munchkin. We hiked around for an hour or so. My dog kept wanting to go back to the car, but we did discover something: my dog is the perfect wing woman. She decided to befriend and follow a very cute puppy who had a very cute owner.
   5. Visit a cute little Coffee Shop
   I went to Whyte ave with a co-worker who showed me around to some pretty cool places including this quaint little Coffee shop called Block 1912. It's so freaking adorable and lovely. I definitely plan on visiting more coffee shops like this.
    11. Go on a picnic 
   So on our day off Joana and I decided to go ahead and visit Millcreek outdoor pool, but of course anyone who knows me knows that I get very very hungry so I packed us a cute little picnic for the adventure. We spent 4 hours outside and believe it or not, I didn't really tan. What is life. 
   32. Picture with a Stranger
   Well make that strangers. After going out with Joana's boyfriend for his birthday, we were waiting outside for our ride and just happened to snag this picture with three random guys. Thanks for helping me with my bucket list!
    45. Go on a road trip to Drumheller
    For my best friend's birthday we went out to Calgary and then spontaneously decided to stop in Drumheller on our way back. No regrets, but I do wish we hiked in the badlands!
   20. Dance in the rain
   I went to Toronto for a huge music festival know as OVO fest and the first night it hailed and stormed twice. My shoes were sopping wet and my poncho protected me from shit but it was honestly the funnest thing ever. I remember just smiling so much as I looked around at everyone around me just dancing and singing along to J. Cole. It honestly felt like that moment slowed down and I just felt pure happiness. Who knew dancing soaked would bring such joy!