The Blogger

University. Psychologist in the making. Portuguese. Family and Friends mean the most. Dancer. Aspiring writer. Music. My dog. Scary Movies.Comic Books. Stephen King. Cuddles. Travel. Dreamer.

I'm super awkward, quirky, sometimes shy, super sarcastic, and all 5'3 and 95 pounds of sass. I'd like to think I'm a simple person, but when is life ever simple? My parents raised me to be and do whatever I wanted to do in life and although they questioned my first choice of being a cat when I was 3, they let me live my dream to be a cat for a year and now they're by my side supporting my ambitions to be a psychologist to specialize with the mentally ill and criminals. Writing is something that keeps me sane, therefore this blog is literally my way of expressing who I am and just getting all my feelings out there. I'm always open to new opinions, but just remember sometimes I write these posts when I'm emotionally charged and once I calm down, I realize it wasn't that big of a deal but I keep the post up regardless, because it's all just a part of the journey to becoming who I am.

 I also have started a new blog that has tons of fashion advice, make up tips and tricks, lifestyle advice, and yummy recipes I have been trying out! Check it out at

I love writing back to people and hearing your advice and suggestions, so if you have questions please feel free to e-mail. From feed back to advice, I read it all : )