New Blog

11:06 PM

Well I have officially advertised my new blog and I figured I better update this one too! I’m pretty proud of this baby. That will be my blog strictly for my journey through colitis and all my other rants shall still remain here on this blog!

But essentially the goal of this blog was
a) to help me because writing has always kept me sane, which is why I even created this blog here. I mean have you seen my really lame angsty high school blog posts? If only I could tell myself then that those were not problems!
b) to help other people as the navigate through whatever battle they are going through!

I really just hope it helps one person as well as helps me. This shit is tough and I feel like I am getting my ass kicked everyday. I literally got winded teaching my program for a bunch of toddlers. Singing with them winded me. And today I almost couldn’t open a jar of peanut butter! How am I supposed to be a strong independent woman if I have no strength?

But if you wanna check it out go ahead! Its

I mean you definitely don’t have to. I talk about poop a lot. It’s why I literally called it shits and giggles, thought I could toss in some humour if I’m going to be stuck with this for the rest of my life.

But love you all, dear faceless readers!



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