Sweet Innocence

9:45 PM

It starts with the sweet innocence of it all.

At first there’s a distance,
a calculation to it all.
Perfect timing,
perfect moments,
that’s all that runs through your mind.

She plays a scene over and over in her head,
the moment when their hands will interlock,
the moment they kiss for the first time.
She has it planned.

But then we meet,
your hands are awkward,
as they fumble to find their place between mine.
Our eyes lock,
an anticipation between us,
a feeling igniting within me,
like electricity passing through my body.
It almost feel uncontrollable,
the flushing of the cheeks,
the sweating of my palms,
the racing of my heart.
I want to remain calm,
but the butterflies dance,
my voice catches in my throat,
as you lean in.

It's the moment where the world stood still,
where your lips where on mine,
the moment where I knew this was only the beginning,
the sweet innocent beginning,
that would turn into so much more. 

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