Feeling 22?

3:32 PM

This past Thursday was my birthday and contrary to what most people believe, I am indeed 22 years old now, not 16. Every year rolls by and I always try to think about all the ways I have changed and how much my life has changed. I believe it’s a really good way to make sure you’re progressing in life even when you don’t think you are.

However, this year I think I’m going to write about the ways I haven’t changed; the things about me that have stayed pretty solid over these past few years. So here they are dear readers:

  1. I still LOVE scary movies. I started getting into them around 13 years old and have not stopped being obsessed with them. The only crappy part is all my friends kind of hate them so I’m usually forced to watch them alone, in my room with a pillow fort surrounding me, while I hide behind Henry, my giant teddy bear.
  2. I still love teddy bears. Call it my inner child, but they’re just so cute and I haven’t had the heart to part with all my old ones. I have become a hoarder of stuffed animals.
  3. 12/10 I will squeal and fan girl when I see a dog. I will also choose to socialize with dogs more than people at social gatherings. I will also take selfies with your dogs.
  4. I am a die hard fan of cold-cuts. As I type this, I am resisting the urge to laugh because I could imagine to anyone else this would be so strange, but I have no shame. Ever since I was maybe 5 or 6 I would literally just go in the fridge and walkout with a handful of cold-cuts. Ham or salami was always my favourite. Last week my brother walked in on me with a piece of ham hanging out of my mouth and three different bags of cold-cuts held in my hands. He just shook his head and walked away, and then I wondered damn, my poor future boyfriend/husband. 
  5. I still read, maybe too much. Although I have come a long way since my Dear Dumb Diaries and Magic Tree House days. Does anyone else remember Captain Underpants?! That and the Archie comics were kind like my firsts for comics.
  6. I am still the pickiest eater. I am a texture eater, so anything that feels funky in my mouth, I will gag. Jell-o, NOPE. I can’t even eat anything but white meat when it comes to chicken. I was forever traumatized by the day that I found out chicken legs were REALLY chicken’s legs. I don’t know what I thought it was, but when I found that out my life changed. I was also traumatized from chicken fingers for a little while because Portuguese people 110% enjoy playing pranks and someone asked my 6 year old self if I wanted chicken fingers and they literally brought out a plate of little chicken feet. I got over that one eventually.
  7. When I am home alone at night I will check every door to make sure there’s no serial killer lurking. I also force my dog to come with me, but she is starting to go blind so she isn’t much help now. Not that she was probably ever any good help...
  8. I still have the “silent vampire” laugh. When I laughed too hard I used to just shake, with my mouth wide open, laughing but no noise would escape me. I still do that when I can’t stop laughing, but since a year and a bit now I have developed this annoying habit of snorting when I laugh. It’s horrid.
  9. I still have the same two best friends since elementary! One of them i’ve been best friends with since kindergarten and the other since grade 5! Crazy to think you can know someone for over 18 years.
  10. I still force my mom to draw on my back when I need comfort or when I just want her to. Seriously, it is the greatest feeling. If you have not had this done, get someone to do it. You will not be sorry.
  11. I still watch America’s Funniest Home Videos with my dad. On Sundays we’ve had this tradition since I was maybe 7 or 8 and still to this day we will watch it together.
  12. I still know every lyric to most Disney songs and you better believe I blast them throughout the house and sing-a-long to them. I even had a Disney marathon not that long ago.
  13. I still get pissed when people touch or move my stuff. I used to bawl when someone did this, and I mean I don’t do that anymore, but something inside me switches and I get pissed and won’t even try to hide it.
  14. I still sit in really weird positions. I used to clap with my feet and sit in these positions that looked super uncomfortable and yoga-like, and I still do. It’s not even something I do on purpose, I just do it which is why I’m super bad at being a girl and need to wear shorts under my dresses and skirts. Or free show for everyone...
  15. I still have the same sort of goals and passions. I have always wanted to one day publish a book, travel the world, and help make a difference in someone’s life. Now my goals have just become a little more specific. I am working on a novel, I am also working on my short pieces, I am travelling more often now (EUROPE THIS SUMMER), and I have found a career that allows me to help people.
So although I have turned another year older, I do believe there are so many things about us that just never changes and I’m sure if I asked my parents or friends they could tell me more weird quirks I have. 

But alas, I must be off to work. Thanks for reading!



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