Main Chicks and Side Chicks

3:13 PM

The concept of main chick side chick literally blows my mind. Before we begin, for all my dear readers who do not know what these are, let me help you by providing the urban dictionary definition of both.

Main Chick: the wife or girlfriend of the significant other.
Side Chick: the other woman; also known as a mistress. Or my personal favourite the position allocated to the girl that is neither the wifey or girlfriend, but a side dish like Nando’s rice. I shit you not, this was a definition. 

Now of course this could happen in any sort of relationship whether it’s hetero- or a homosexual relationship, but the majority of the time in the media you see it occurring between a heterosexual relationship involving two girls and a guy. Essentially the main chick is the girlfriend or wife and the side chick is the girl you be sleeping with, but that’s kind of it. You’re just good in bed. 


How is that okay ladies?! Seriously, it is no better being the main or side chick in my eyes. The main chick is so proud to throw in your face that she is the main chick so she is number one in his heart so you know he’ll be taking her to all the nice dates, to the family functions and work functions, and spending the holidays with her. But is that all you want ladies? You’re saying that it’s okay that he sleeps with this other woman because thats all they do, but HE IS SLEEPING WITH SOMEONE ELSE. He is cheating on you and you are going along for the ride. That would be such a huge slap in the face for me because that is telling me that this guy thinks that I am not good enough and he is not satisfied enough in the relationship to just be committed with me. HELL NO. Please find the nearest exist and remove yourself from my life if that’s your plan. I am plenty good enough (on a good day I at least tell myself this) and if he doesn’t see that SOMEONE ELSE WILL. 

Now for the side chicks, come on ladies. What are you thinking? I mean sure he’s probably cute and maybe there’s some excitement that he picked you. But at the end of the day he goes home to who? At the end of the day who does he bring around his friends and family? You’re like this big secret that is kept at a low key profile. You’re being used literally just for sex half of the time. If a guy approached me with that kind of proposal, I would give him a sex doll because that’s all you really come down to in his eyes half the time (at least from the examples I’ve seen). 

Maybe shit happens, feelings get in the way, things become overwhelming, and you give in to the heat of the moment. Maybe. But cheating to me is such a huge no-no. If you are compelled to cheat on someone, just save them the heart ache and break up with them. Not only are you cheating on them, but you leave them wondering what they did wrong. You leave them wondering why they weren’t good enough, and that kind of emotional turmoil is so hard to bounce back from, especially when you loved the person. 

Now what’s even funnier is when you google main chicks and side chicks. Wikihow literally has 11 steps on how you can be a side chick. 11 steps people, thats all it takes. In addition to this google has recommended me some searches and one of them includes Do side chicks become main chicks. That means that there was literally enough people googling this that it became popular enough to be suggested.... And for all those side chicks who doubt they’ll ever be his main chick, fear not VH1 has 11 side chicks that became main chicks and you can see their story! 

I know its not a new thing, this started what? Back in 2014? But more and more on my news feed lately I see young individuals posting crap about it. Seriously, what has the world come to? Cheating is cheating and everyone should believe they deserve more. Drop that man on his ass! 

But enough for today, I shall be off.

With love,


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