Why I don't like romance movies

3:42 PM

Dear world,

It is common knowledge that I love horror films. Seriously, I watch them by myself because no one else will watch them with me. But what is also common knowledge is that I am not a fan of romance movies, and I have finally figured out why.

It's all about perfect timing, which is so unrealistic in this world.

Of course they don't start with the couple having perfect timing, because that would be even more unrealistic. But have you noticed that somehow everything is perfectly timed? They start off being all wrong or there's something just not right but then over time it just works out. Or my favourite is when they're just starting to fall in love. They always know when to make the first move! Always. Like their first move never fails.

DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD THAT IS?! At least it is for me. It's like a freaking science. It's so hard sometimes to tell if someone is genuinely into it, or just being flirty because that's who they are. There's are 2 very good reasons why I don't make first moves:

1) I over think everything. 
2) I'm so awkward. I once made a first move because to me it felt right but then I was like "what if he didn't want this" so instead of playing it off cool, I apologized. I APOLOGIZED FOR KISSING SOMEONE. I also once tensed up when a guy kissed me because it was so unexpected and he took it as I didn't want him, so that bruised his ego….

Seriously. Romantic movies give such false expectations about how love works. Like it's easy and smooth sailing, but in reality it can be awkward and wary. At least in horror movies when shit hits the fan, it's realistic because when things like that happens why wouldn't shit hit the fan!

But that's my rant!



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