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This world can be a bit of a scary place sometimes, there's no doubt about it. You turn on the news, scroll through even your Facebook time line and there is always something tragic going on. And you should never turn a blind eye to this, but you should also remind yourself to hold on to the few things that do make you happy. Because sometimes it seems like happiness is hard to find, but it might just be under your nose, literally!

So here are a few things that make me happy and hopefully you'll enjoy them too.

Sunflowers and colorful daisies actually make me so unbelievably happy. My dream someday is to actually go to a huge sunflower field and just lay there and take it all in. They just remind me of little suns.

Funny animal pictures/videos. Seriously if they don't make you laugh you have no soul. You are a heartless wench. Just kidding, but not really. They make my day on a daily basis. If I am crying or feeling blue, you better believe I am watching these videos.

Tumblr funnies. I seriously spend way too much of my time reading these things and I can infact guarantee that while I was looking for one to post on my blog to share with you guys I instead got distracted and wasted 30 minutes of my time looking at these. Seriously people in this world are hilarious! I want to be one of them….

I seriously love watching movies. Especially scary movies. But when you watch scary movies by yourself an important component is to ensure you have a proper pillow fort in place. Now my forts are no where as fancy as this one, but some day I will make one like this and it will be fantastic. Someday.

 Coffee is seriously something I appreciate every day. I also think i'm addicted to coffee so this may also attribute to my love for it. I'm not even kidding you, if I don't have a cup a day I get thee worst headaches. It's gotten better. During my third year of university I would drink 3-5 cups a day and when I tried to cut back I got the worst head aches and the shakes ! Withdrawal symptoms! But anyone who gets me coffee is automatically my best friend, so buy me coffee wisely!
 My dream in my future house/apartment/condo/whatever I end up living in is to actually have a library. I am one of those people who still needs to buy hard copies of books. None of this iPad or Kobo reader crap. Having a hard copy of a book is so much better. I love my friends because over the years they've bought me so many books and leave the cutest messages in them so when I go back to read the book I also see the message. See the sentimental value you would't get from an iTunes gift card for your iBooks! I'm telling you people, it is the way to go.
Music is my whole soul. Dance has given me such a respect for music and inspiring artists. I love all different genres of music (but no country, I cannot do country) but I especially love hip hop, rap, & R&B. I don't know why, because I can guarantee i'm a pretty white girl when it comes to anything else in my life (although sometimes I like to pretend that secretly I'm this hardcore G, it doesn't always fly so well). I also love love love folky kind of music. Like Mumford & Sons, Monsters of Men, or Marina and the Diamonds, although she's more alternative pop if anything.

But that's a taste of some of the things that make me happy and get me through the day. I've noticed this blog has become more like a personal diary to me than anything, which is probably good, because if i didn't vent somewhere, holding this all in would be blah. But sometimes I feel like my blog gets a little sad. And it does because I usually only write when I'm pretty sad, but I swear I'm a pretty happy girl and i'm definitely become a happier person day by day.

With love,


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