3:58 PM

Now I know it's a lot of work ahead of you, so I wouldn't blame you if you chose to walk away. I've been through a lot, so my hearts a little fragile and I'm a little jaded, so I don't expect you to stay. I've built these walls to protect me from falling, but I want to try again. Truth is, I don't know how to take down these walls i've built, so where do I begin?

I wasn't always like this, hard to believe isn't it? I once was full of hopes and dreams about love. Now I can barely last through a romance movie without feeling sick. Maybe sick is too strong, more annoyed. Why does everyone else get their happy ending? Is it even really a thing? Eventually everyone leaves, don't they?

Maybe someone will soften my heart, but it will take time. Maybe near to you i'll heal, but it will take time. Maybe i'll be better near to you, but you have to give me time. I know i'll come around, but it won't be easy.

I promise I am very caring and have affection to give. But first I need to trust you, to know I won't get hurt. My hearts been through too much, we're not ready for another ache but we're ready to try again if you let us.

Now I'm a little bit odd, I've accepted this. I enjoy sleep too much, love comic books, horror novels/films, I love fishing, camping, or anything outdoor. I need to write to clear my mind. I'm horrible at expressing how I feel sometimes, mostly because my mind is running with too many thoughts at one time. Simple things make me smile, like cuddling or a cup of coffee every morning. I love reading and I'm always curious with way too many questions. I'm a little too sarcastic that sometimes that I may cross the line, but when I say i'm sorry I really do mean it. I like to travel and wander, wanderlust is what they call it. I take my horoscopes too seriously sometimes and can go on tangents about things i'm passionate about. I make weird faces at inappropriate times or when I don't know what to do. I can be pretty emotional, or seem detached from my emotions, sometimes there's an in-between. I like to think i'm strong enough to make it on my own, but sometimes I need a hand to hold. Other times I'm too stubborn to admit I need help, I know this about myself so just be patient?

I don't need someone to take care of me, just someone to care for me. So if you can accept me for all my flaws and all, then I'd be willing to try, even if I fall.

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