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Dear Crystal,

I was asked to write about one of my favourite memories with you. I thought really hard about what it could possibly be and the truth is, I can't pick just one memory. I can't just pick one moment, one day, one week, one anything. In sum, it was all my favourite. So instead I'll write about what my favourite things about you are. I'll write about all the reasons that made me love you like a sister. All the little things you do that make you, you because my favourite memory is being around you anytime we were together.

For one, your presence literally lit up a room. I never understood how you did it, but somehow everyone was captivated by you. Maybe it was your infectious giggle that reminded me of a little girl. It was so cute and light. It suited your bubbly personality. Or maybe it was your alluring blue eyes. Most blue eyes seem cold and stark but yours were so warm and inviting, making anyone willing to open up to you. Your eyes really were the windows to your soul. When you were up to something mischievous or if you were excited your eyes lit up and got so wide.

I remember back in high school you had this thing where your hair had to always be straight. Always. Even when we were at your house, if you had a kink it would drive you crazy and you would straighten it right away. I was so scared for when you lost your hair, because hair is kind of like a security blanket. But when you lost your hair and it started coming in short, I don't think I had ever seen you more confident in yourself. That's something I still continue to admire about you. This exuberant confidence you carried with you. No dream was too big for you, it was like you weren't afraid of failure and if you were you never let it show. You wanted to sing, to act, to model, to dance, to inspire people, to write a book, to travel. Just so many big dreams and when you talked about it, it didn't seem impossible. You made me believe in you and I know if you had more time you could have accomplished so much because look at everything you did do.

I miss your craziness. Now we're not talking Alberta Hospital crazy, but a good crazy. The kind of madness you needed to survive in a world like this. It was never a dull moment with you around. Even text messages with you ranged from topic to topic, some of them crazier than others. I remember several occasions where we discussed how we would kidnap Ryan Reynolds and make him love us. We had a similar plan for Justin Bieber. You would make animal noises at the most inappropriate times and we would literally be fighting it in to hold in our laughter when you did. You had a sassy little attitude and when someone did something you didn't like, you told them. You had the weirdest sayings too that eventually everyone kind of picked up on. Your famous one in high school was "Oh my lanta" or when we got donairs and the sauce would be dripping you would look at all of us and simply state that your donair was jazzing, like it was a simple fact that donairs could do such a thing. Now every time my donair does that I often find myself using the same expression. I think your craziness also kept you sane throughout your journey. Anyone who was too serious about life would have not had the same attitudes that you did while you fought. It's often said that people who still have hope, even the most dire situations, are considered to be mad because who would believe in something when everyone else was telling you otherwise? You did. When everyone told you no, you shouted back yes and fought your hardest to prove them wrong. And my god girl, did you ever. Your craziness reminded me that it's okay to be a little different. It reminded me that no one is perfect, yet there are so many people out there who love you, flaws and all. It reminded me to stop caring about what people thought and just do me, because at the end of the day that's all you did. You were you and you never apologized for being who you are.

There are so many reasons why people just fell in love with you as a person Crystal. You probably didn't even realize the profound effect you had on people. I never truly appreciated the profound effect you had on my life and still continue to have. We often strive to live a life that will be remembered by so many. To be an idol, to never be forgotten. You've touched so many hearts, within Edmonton and across the globe so I hope you know that you will never be forgotten. You have so many friends who still talk about you with adoration and admiration, who still honour you every day. You have this amazing family that you may have temporally left behind, but they truly are amazing and will be the ones to carry your name on for a lifetime. I know how much you loved your family, they really were your pride and joy. Whenever you talked about your cute dates with your mom, your face lit up because you and her had this bond that only you two could understand. Your pride and love for your dad has always been expressed. I've known you since grade 10 and I swear I knew more about your dad and his stories than I knew about my own dad. I think my favourite moment about them was when we all had Christmas together and they had told us the story of how they met and fell in love. It was like you were entranced by the story. You were so attentive and throughout the whole story you had this cute little goofy grin on as you watched them exchange details. It was like you were in love with your parents love story, which I firmly believe you were because you always were a little romantic at heart. As for your brothers, I've never quite seen a relationship like you all had. Sure brothers and sister fight all the time, but at the end of the day the love you all had for each other was so enormous. It was so different and refreshing to see that you not only appreciated each other as people, but you simply appreciated each other's presence. Just being around each other seemed to be enough. Tyler always had his sleepover with you, or you would tell me about how all three of you had sleepovers. We would talk about how when Adam or Tyler got girlfriends we would have to launch a full scale investigation. I swear sometimes I thought you would be ready to do a background check and I was always so mind blown about how quickly you could find things out! You could have had a future career as a private investigator. You would never, ever, let your siblings settle. You knew what they deserved and I know you always tried to look out for them. I admired you for the big sister you were and I know they did too.

There's so much you have left behind, but somehow you didn't truly leave the people you love behind or alone. They say the hardest part about losing someone isn't having to say goodbye, but learning to live without that person and trying to fill this empty void they left behind. In my first year without you, I really felt that way. That nothing could fill the hole you left behind. But what you left behind was your family who over the years I have grown to love and adore for their strength and courage; who continue to remind me of how wonderful of a person you are because after all they did raise you and they spent every waking moment with you. You left me a wonderful circle of friends who share the same pain I have and remind me that I am not alone in this. We share memories of you so you're never truly gone and funny enough we became closer through all this, like a little family. Living without you will always be hard, some days more so then others, but what you left behind for us- our friends, your family, your inspiration, your hopes and dreams- that's what reminds me day by day that it's going to be okay.

I love you sweet angel and happy holidays.

Sincerely from your fake wife (Charlotte),

Brittany Imperadeiro

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