Dear world, I now know how to be cool

12:24 AM

For reals though, I googled this shit so it must be legit. Anyone who knows me knows that I have certain moments where I am more awkward than I perhaps should be, especially lately. I don't know why. I get super nervous and start to ramble about useless shit, I giggle at bad moments, my voice sometimes gets SUPER squeaky (I already have a naturally high kiddie voice so when that happen I cry inside), ooooor I say things that honestly make me wonder what's wrong with me. Then I was watching music videos earlier today and hot damn, all the girls are hot, confident, and just cool. They ooze coolness if that was a thing. So how does one achieve such a status?

According Google there are some common tips:

  1. Don't just think about it-do it
  2. Don't be needy- because cool people don't ask for help obviously, I mean they must know how to everything and if they don't that's okay just pretend you do and look cool while you just fucked up your transmission
  3. Practice self disclosure but the trick here is don't completely show them all about you, you have to conceal some parts about you to keep the "mystery alive"
  4. Be friendly but not aggressively eager cause you don't want people to think you have no friends….
  5. Use humour because no one likes that person who is "too cool" and takes everything too seriously.
  6. Keep your "cool" no one likes a loose cannon
  7. Be confident but so confident that it's almost borderline cocky apparently? According to TIME the trick here for getting people to like you, is to assume they already do
  8. Know the rules and break them because apparently this makes you look powerful
When I read all of this, I laughed.  A lot. Do people actually believe this crap? Is this really a thing? It must be because there are even books on the topic.

Here's my advice: learn to love yourself and do your own thing. Seriously, once you love who you are and accept yourself confidence starts to follow. I've been doing that and I feel so happy and people seem to see it as well. On top of it all happiness is contagious so people will be drawn to you.

So basically just be you, even if that means you're a little weird like me. EMBRACE YOURSELF!


But it's fun to be silly #piggieface
Attempting to be cool

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