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Well summer is almost over. 4 months just seemed to have flown by and this summer has been quite eventful.

Good and bad.

For one, not in my entire life have I ever been to so many medical appointments in only 2 months. It was actually ridiculous.... I saw the dentist 7 times in two months. I hate the dentist so seeing him once a year is enough for me, but 7?! I was not impressed.

Second was thanks to my lovely allergies and asthma I had to do a bunch of tests. Guess what i'm allergic to the most. Freaking birch trees. BIRCH TREES. What is life?

I'm actually allergic to every indigenous tree known to Canada which you know, that's cool. And when I went camping, we definitely camped in a birch tree forest, and yes when I got drunk one night I did decide to venture off into the forest pretending I was a fairy, and yes I did get a rash the next morning. I also got stuck with the nickname "Pixie" for the rest of the trip.

Actually camping was a lot of fun. Jo and I were the only girls but the guys we went with are really chill. Maybe I didn't agree with everything they did, but it was still fun.

My boyfriend and I? We're better. We definitely had a rough patch for a month or so, but slowly things feel like they are getting better. Yesterday was actually a cute day. I don't remember the last time I laughed so much with him.

Last Friday all of us went to the rack which was so much fun too and totally needed with all the drama. I love my friends and am so grateful to have each and every one of them.

I'm sure all of you are wondering what drama I could possibly be talking about.

Well for one, I am an emotional mess. My doctor told me that I may have minor depression which I took really hard, but after doing more tests and seeing other doctors it was confirmed that I have endometriosis, which explains my raging hormones.

No seriously. I used to cry for no reason, and then cry more because I didn't know why I was crying. Or one minute I was on top of the world and the next I was ripping my family apart because I was so angry. I felt like a prisoner in my own body. I didn't even know who I was anymore.

It really makes you feel helpless when you honestly can't do anything to help how you feel. You say things you don't mean, hurt people that you never intended to, you never know how you'll feel, and you don't know how to help yourself let alone help others. So it's safe to say I had been extra sensitive for the past few months, which I think I took out a lot on my parents and boyfriend.

But now i'm on the right track and slowly but surely things are getting better. Yay! 

As for the other drama, I will definitely have to update you another time because that is literally a novel on its own.

Until later and with love,

Bee xoxo.

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