What is Life

3:38 PM

Dear Readers,

I'm so sorry I haven't been updating, but my life has been so busy. I've been working on a fundraiser for my best friend which takes place this coming Saturday and there is still so much to do! You can see all the details on our blog (that I proudly created) titled www.angelsforcrystal.blogspot.com

But how have you all been? I know it's been so long and I feel the need to do a community hug, just hug it all out and things will be better. Seriously, hugs make the world go round. When I feel crappy I just hug my dog and it's like magic, I feel better.

Sorry, short attention span today. But what should we discuss?

How about how much I am not pleased with my boss? And that is just putting it lightly.

So I am a waitress, which I love because the customers are great, my co-workers are fabulous, money is good, and this job has helped me grow as a person. What isn't great is that ever since my summer has started I have been getting no shifts.

Not. Cool.

I need money. And i'm not just saying that. I really do need money. I have bills to pay for, school books to save up for, help pay for school stuff in general, and other expenses. So not having money is just not a good thing.

This is the SECOND week in a row that I have not gotten a single shift. I'm sure lots of you are thinking "why not just talk to him?" and I did e-mail him, I just haven't gotten a response.

I feel like maybe my boss just doesn't like me. Or maybe it's because I had an interview for another job and now he thinks i'm not committed to this job. Well I am! I only tried to get another job because I wasn't getting any shift, thanks.

I swear to all things good in life, if this does not get resolved and he doesn't give me more shifts I will have a fit. I will release my inner 2 year old and throw a tantrum because not once has he come up to me to provide me feedback, or explain what I have done wrong. And I get good tips so I can't be that shitty of a waitress thanks. I probably will end up quitting if this doesn't work out, which breaks my heart but what can you do. A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do!

I will update you later but I must be off. Love you all

With Love,


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