I will never ever understand boys

1:47 AM

No matter how hard I try! Now look, I do generally understand boys. I have quite a few of them in my life who I consider close friends, so it's not like I have never been around one. And I have a boyfriend, so this helps too. But just when I think I finally understand them, they do something that blows my mind. Like some jedi- knight trick going on.

This is what I mean:

As I have mentioned, I have a lot of guy friends. Some I'm closer with than others and they all fall into different areas of a spectrum, some completely opposite of each other. Now with such a variety going on one would think that this gives me a huge advantage on understanding boys. And to an extent it does, because no matter where they are on the scale, there are some things they all do the same.

But there are things that puzzle me. Like their need for games. Not all of them play games, but most do.

Now I love making new friends, as would most people, and making new guy friends is no different. I like having guy friends because most of them are drama free, tell it as it is, and reliable. Also pretty good listeners when they want to be. Yes, you get the odd one or two who pms more than you do, but for the most part guy friends are great to have. So of course when I meet a new guy and we start talking, I automatically friend zone them. Uh, duh.... i'm dating. So right away they know this. But instead of respecting that i'm dating and being okay with just being friends they play this stupid game where we talk almost everyday, and he usually texts' first, and then bam, nothing....

Nothing for a long time. Why? Well apparently to some guys its because I "didn't give them what they wanted, and there's other girls out there for me."


I believe I said I was dating, did you think I was kidding? That I was lying? Ooooooooh or that once I realized how "hot" and "totally amazing" you were that I would leave him for you.


Sorry sweetie but don't flatter yourself.

I really don't see why guys tend to make the whole girls being friends with guys relationship so complicated. And then because I thought we were friends (since we talked like everyday and had good conversations) I get mad because when I do "friend zone" them, they disappear.


That's fine I guess. Cause who would want to be friends with me, right?

Uh obviously the world does sir, and you just missed out *flips hair*

So boys, can we just be friends? Is that too much to ask? I think I make a pretty great friend... and a good wing woman! But if it is too much to ask for, don't bother texting me and wasting my time! And if you were one of these boys (maybe not exactly, but generally) I do believe in second chances.... well if i'm in a good mood. If not, it was nice knowing you and all the best to you my dear!


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