#Bieberforcrystal & Other Great Stories

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2013 already! Time sure does fly. Especially when you haven't blogged since October (oops). So let's do a quick story time of everything that has gone on since!

1) Yes, my boyfriend and I are still together. -cue "awww" from audience- I know I know, it is quite adorable.
2) Still in university! And surviving most importantly!
3) Well my life right now is school, work, eat, sleep, occasionally have a social life, and yeah... I know it's super exciting, please contain your joy.

But in other news there has definitely been some big changes in my life, one in particular involving my best friend. I'm sure some of you may know her, yegs famous Crystal Montgomery, or #bieberforcrystal.

If you don't here is a summary of her story:

Crystal had been experiencing an intense pain in her shoulder almost a year and a half ago. She had constantly gone to doctors, emergency rooms, and turned to anyone who would listen but everyone just told her it was not a big deal and eventually the pain would go away. Little did they know, inside her shoulder was a tumour, that would soon grow so big that her entire shoulder collapsed. Being misdiagnosed so many times and still not having the answers she needed Crystal went once again to an emergency hospital, where they immediately took her under their care. After performing several tests it was soon confirmed that Crystal had cancer.

Crystal was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, and by the end of July/ beginning of August she had already began her chemo treatments. No one wants to imagine what it would be like to have cancer, especially not an 18 year old who was about to start who future, which would now have to be put on hold just so she could get better.

However, throughout the entire journey she has been nothing but courageous and optimistic. She truly believed that she would be okay and always tried to look for the silver linings to everything. In fact, half the time she would have to be the strong one, supporting everyone else while she also supported herself. But everyone has a point in their journey where they begin to question if they should keep fighting, and Joana and I began to see her hope slowly fade. By this time we were already reaching the month of October and Crystal had already been through some tough chemo sessions. We just wanted to remind her that she is fighting for a reason and that she is a beautiful person, inside and out.

My mom actually first suggested the idea out of a whim. Justin Bieber just happened to have been coming to perform on October 16th, so perhaps he could make a quick visit and make this beautiful girl smile? I mean there is the saying that anything is possible right? Well Joana truly believed that idea.

Easier said than done. For one week Joana and I spent our time e-mailing radio stations, television stations, important people who may or may not have been connected with Mr. Bieber himself, and to our dismay no one could help us. Finally we had one contact, given to us by a local radio station. He was truly touched by the story and promised us that he would try to help us in any way he could, but even he doubted that he could reach such a big artist in time.

That was our biggest problem. Time was running out.

It was the weekend before the concert that Joana finally turned to the social media. She had originally posted Crystal's story on Justin Bieber's Facebook page, but a lady had reached out to us and told us that as touching as it was, Justin Bieber didn't check his facebook. But there was something he did check, his Twitter.

That's when #bieberforcrystal had began. Two nights before his concert. That Saturday night Joana and I began tweeting her story along with the hashtag #biberforcrystal, and people were slowly picking it up and helping us spread the word and her story. By Sunday morning Joana had even carried posters, along with other friends, with #bieberforcrystal written across it, to a mall in hopes that someone of importance would see. By this point Crystal was still doubtful but was so touched at how many people were reaching out to help her.

Sunday night is literally when the magic began. I do believe that I got 4 hours of sleep before my midterm. Sunday night #bieberforcrystal began to grow an immense amount of support, so much so that we had trended nation wide. This was a huge milestone for us. At this point, Joana, Crystal, and I were okay if Justin didn't show up, because now people from across the nation had heard of her story and were truly touched by her strength.

But I mean, getting Bieber to come was the ultimate goal. So everyone kept tweeting. Radio stations were getting involved, telling everyone to tweet. People who had never even had a twitter made a twitter just to help spread the word.

I had contacted a radio station at 2am to see if they could help, even if it was just to interview Crystal and allow her to tell her story of why she had become such an inspiration behind all the frenzie over #bieberforcrystal. By 8am they were already calling me, ready to help share her story to everyone.

And even as Crystal was filming her interview, people were still tweeting. One girl even offered Crystal her Justin Bieber concert tickets so that even if she didn't meet him she could still see him. Honestly this girl has a heart of gold and I don't think she can ever be thanked enough for being so generous.

And then it happened.

He came.

I would first off like to say that everyone in that room literally had to keep themselves from fan girling (at least we did) . He CASUALLY walked in and introduced himself to each person in the room. Uh, hi, we already know who you are. I don't even think Joana and I told him our names. And yes Crystal cried as soon as he walked in, and yes I cried as soon as she cried because I saw that small glimpse of joy that she had been missing for a little while.

Crystal and her mom shared their story and journey to him and he listened to everything. He offered to take pictures with everyone and was just so sweet. Honestly the one thing I did not expect from him was that he had this kind of shy way about himself. It was unexpected but sweet.

After taking pictures and talking he had glanced over to see Crystal's Costco sized sour keys container. He made a remark of how he loved sour keys and Crystal immediately offered him some.

Now dear readers please envision this: Crystal, since her chemo, hadn't had a lot of energy and walking around walk a bit of a challenge. But when he asked for some sour keys that girl moved so fast, I swear I was dreaming it. In fact she even offered him the whole container, to which he laughed and took a few.

It was honestly a dream come true. For Crystal because she met her idol who had read her story and obviously cared enough to make the effort. And a dream come true for Joana, Crystal's family, all her friends, and I because we were able to make her smile.

I don't think any of this could have happened without all the support we have gotten.

Honestly Thank you from the bottom of my heart for tweeting, telling people, supporting her, and doing everything you could to make this happen. Even to this day I smile, just thinking of all the support Crystal had received.

She is a special girl, still fighting her last bit of cancer. Although she now has to face the world in a different way after her amputation, she is still this charismatic, beautiful, and strong girl who can easily captivate you with her optimism and strong will.

She will always be my inspiration, and I'm sure an inspiration to many.

I love you Crystal, and never stop fighting!


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