Summer Flies

2:09 AM

Dear Summer,

Why are you almost done? A part of me is super excited because I kind of miss school and another part knows that as soon as I start classes I'm gonna wish for summer to come back. Exams and homework? Not having it. Getting up at 6:30, noooooo.

But this summer has been so much for me. So much as happened in so little time, it kinda makes me think about how fast life goes by even if we're not ready to keep going forward. I've always considered the new school year the "new year" for me. I always imagine what this year will be like and where I want to end up and all I can do is pray I get there. And work to get there of course.

But enough of this deep thinking rant, I do enough of that before I sleep. Thank you insomnia. Instead I would like to take the time to rant about my one horrible customer I had on Tuesday. F you.

First of all I was so nice to him. When a customer comes in by themselves I automatically get suspicious that it is a secret shopper. Although it may not always be true, I guarantee this man was a secret shopper. Because no one asks over 10 questions about the menu. At least not a person who understand that the description is right below the name of the item. Anyways I thought I thought I provided exceptional service to him and even took the time to have a 15 minute conversation about his career and his interests (which by the way are faaaaar from mine). He was nice.

Then it started raining and if you all know where I live then you know that when in rains here its not some light shower. It is like a 15 minute freak storm where the rain comes down so hard, the wind could blow me away, thunder and lightning, and sometimes hail. Well I was on patio and my first reaction was to close down all the cabanas. But before I could do that, customer was first. So I asked him if I could help him take his coffee inside and help him in. His response, "Oh i've been in a tornado before so this is nothing, i'm fine here." Oh. So I thunder and lightning doesn't scare you. That's cool, I was really hoping I could serve you out in the rain anyways.


And then he proceeded to pick up our conversation for another 15 minutes about weather and global warming while i'm STANDING IN THE RAIN. Of course he offers me a seat but he knows I can't because i'm working, so here I am stealthily trying to avoid the rain by leaning into the cabana while nodding and laughing at everything that comes out of his mouth. Then finally he asks for the bill. I was singing hallelujah to the lords when he asked for it.

Brought him his $36 bill and the debit machine, laughed at more of his comments, said have a good evening and walked off only to look down at my 5 cent tip....

5 cents.

That's it.

I stood in the rain, AFTER CURLING MY HAIR, for this man.
I risked my life for this man because the thunder and lightning was insane.
I laughed every time I should have.
I didn't even complain about the rain.
And frequently checked up on him to make sure he was okay.
I think I was more concerned about his well being and his iPad's well being than he was.

And I got 5 cents.

Then he went to the washroom and after stopped me only to tell me he felt bad and didn't usually tip well anyways, but gave me $5 anyways because I was in the rain for him. Thanks for the after thought sir. Thanks

Well because it was raining I was clearly done for the day so just before I printed my receipt to do my cash out I was debating if I should grab food. This took two minutes only to decide I would wait till I got home. Well friends as soon as I came to this conclusions the great gods decided to test my patience even more by creating another mishap.

A power outage.

I wasn't even mad about the power going out, I was mad that if I had decided to not get food one minute earlier I could have been out of there. But instead I got to sit for 2 hours in the dark with my co-workers talking about life while my stomach took on a life on its own.

Oh and peeing in the dark is not a good idea. Just so the world knows!

So yeah that was my Tuesday and I get to do it all over again tmrw!

Wish me luck!

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