Quick update

8:42 PM

I read this book called "13 Reason's why" and i fell in love with it. It's about a touchy subject, suicide, but it's a book that explains how even the smallest of actions that we think are innocent can still change someone's life. It completely inspired me to write a book about life in high school, not like those books you read where high school is glam, and we go to parties every weekend and you'll end up with the star football player. But a book about learning who you are, the pressures and trying to deal with them, a story about how even the people who seem to have it all together, really don't.

I will post a short excerpt!

On another note, this week on twitter i announced that I will become the net female rapper and was shocked at the replies I got. So glad to know people got my back on this dream ;). Maybe i'll even post a video of me rapping, but that will be after quite a few tequila shots....

Love you all!

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