Just a quick thought

5:53 PM

Dear brain,

You need to stop wandering off and getting off track. But here is my ramble.

Life moves full speed ahead doesn't it? Has no mercy for the people who aren't sure what to do with their lives. We could feel like we have full control of life and then something happens that just makes us go off track, just cause chaos to our whole world. So we just stand there, dumbfounded and unsure of how to get back on track. So we wait. For what? An opportunity to try again? A chance that was sent from the great God himself? Some sort of sign that it's okay to start again?

We become these wall flowers just waiting for life to slow down, for us to catch our breath and get back up. But life doesn't stop. It keeps going. So then we freak out. What do we do? Just dive in? Take the risk? Most people would say, hell no. Take the risk? And lose what? What if you don't gain anything? It would all be for nothing.

But it's never for nothing, you always gain something. New knowledge, new friends, new adventures, new memories, and sometimes even new chances. But because we never achieved that goal we forget about what we did gain.

Sometimes we lose sight of what we're fighting for, but we'll get back on track. Well if you want to and you put the effort to of course.

In five years I see myself working my dream job: at a hospital telling someone with a severe mental disorder that they are wonderful, that there is still hope for them. Telling an old lady with dementia that her family still cares, that she is loved and it's not her fault she is this way. By helping kids feel like the belong. By showing criminals that there is a better life if they chose to live the better life. Maybe i'll be in a serious relationship, maybe not. I have time for love, my whole life. Hopefully i'll have my own place, even just a little apartment and i'll visit my family on Sundays and we'll laugh and be loud and obnoxious like we always are. I'll have a dog :) Maybe i'll be back in school at that time to get my doctorate. I'm hoping by then I have already volunteered overseas to a third world country to help children and families. Maybe i'll take three weeks and vacation in Vancouver by the beach, camping, fishing, with family, the whole works. Maybe I can teach part time at a dance studio, relive my childhood. Still compete? I could.

I could a lot, I just need to push myself to do it. Keep the goal in mind. And so can everyone else. You just need to want it bad enough that you are willing to risk it all.

With love,


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