16 & Pregnant

10:55 PM

This show really bugs me. First of all it's all about the money, because there is nothing in that show that benefits the child. Is the child getting the money, probably not. Is it healthy for the child, no. It's a bunch of drama and cameras surrounding the child. I mean it's ridiculous. I get it, the show needs viewers so some drama has to be involved.

But, for one it makes the mother look horrible and the surroundings of the baby do not look safe. All the tabloids probably don't help so it could start building a case for child services, but do these girls care; no. It's the money. That's all this world seems to rely on. I mean some of the people on this show are so stupid because it shows how immature they are and how they are not ready to have a child.

I for one can admit that I am not ready. Hey, I know some people who have a baby, unexpectedly, and they put their whole entire life in it to raise that child. Kudos for them because they care. But other people just don't care. It's a burden. They want to go out and party; they want to be a teenager. Well if you wanted that you should have thought twice.

You'll be a grad, with a baby. While people go to school, you need to focus on the baby if you don't have the support from other. You need to work to support that baby. And baby daddy might not always stay, which is another thing that pisses me off. That baby didn't asked to be brought in the world, you made the choice now you face the consequences. I don't think abortion is a fit option, I find it cruel. Maybe in the moment it seems like the only option because you weren't ready, but if you weren't ready maybe you shouldn't have had unsafe sex or whatever. If you don't think you can raise it, put it up for adoption and find a family who can.

16 & pregnant is just a ridiculous reality show that shows how fast this world is changing. I remember being in grade 9 and wearing make up for the first time. Grade 6 I had a walkman player not a cell phone. Now jr. high kids are having sex, wearing 10 pounds of make up, smoking it up, partying, and having sex. Even elementary kids (prob 5 &6) are known now to start. I saw a 6 year old with a cellphone. like wtf where is your barbie little girl! go colour!

just a little rant.


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