6:37 PM


I totally forgot that I do have another e-mail (hold.hope@hotmail.com) and out of curiosity I went to take a look at it. No surprise to see 167 were either Facebook notifications or junk mail. But I did see some beautiful e-mails and I want you to know that you are not forgotten... anymore.

I am taking the time write now as we speak (even tho my French text books are calling my name) to answer them.

People make me laugh. I have some ranging from problems, to funny stories, to calling me a bitch. I'd like to thank the person for taking the time to write me an e-mail saying I am a bitch, then cleverly adding "but so is the world" It means a lot that you took time out of your day to e-mail me that haha

But one word of advice is to always keep your head up. I could tell you that there is always someone out there with a live worse than you, but it works in the other way, there's always someone out there with a better life.

But you should all keep your head up because life is way to short. There is that chance that tomorrow you won't wake up to a new day, so instead of waiting for a new day to come, take advantage of the rest of the day you have. Cry when you need to, smile when you should, laugh, and when all else fails; duck into a corner and defend yourself with nerf guns! Just kidding. But seriously, life doesn't need to all be rainbows and sunshine, but it shouldn't be all storm clouds and thunder either.

If you have a positive outlook on life, most likely you will have a good day.


: )

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