Jingle Bells

10:11 PM

Christmas is 6 days away


The joy and excitement inside me cannot be contained inside me right now.

This picture explain just how I feel inside

See that joy in his eyes, yeeeaaah thats me B) well no, I'm not Squidward but it's how i feel!

I got my presents today ! Well almost. I'm still missing my moms and my best friend's but I got this, cause I know what I am getting them : ) AND RANDOM BREAK NOW

Fa la la la la laaaa laaaa laaaa laaaa

Sooo kelsey and I decided to make a ginger bread house; yeah we will never become architects. One of our walls broke, we tried to glue it together. Our back door hangs off the little plastic stand they give you, there is a gap between our roof and walls, and there is so much red sprinkles that it looks like Santa got murdered.

I'll post pictures up next time : )

But thank you for all the lovely e-mails. You guys are really funny. I kinda died at some of your stories you had to share about your crazy lives!

Anyways I just want to end this post by saying thank you. To all my readers, family, and friends. I honestly could not be more grateful. My family has always done so much for me and i honestly don't know if I can ever thank them enough. They have sacrificed so much, given me so much, and despite all our bickering and arguing they have always been there for me, every step of the way.

My friends are the best. They understand me and have helped me through so much. I don't know any other friend who would spend their new years cleaning off blood and trying to make me laugh. she even let me look at her phone, which is a huge thing for her. My friends make me giggle and keep my hopes up when i feel like i've lost it. You are all thee best and cannot wait for girls night (boys, you are thee best too but no girls night for you)

And to my boyfriend for getting me Winnie the Pooh bear cause he kinda makes my life complete just a smidge. Well okay he has done more then just buy a bear to be a good boyfriend. He's made me see that patience brings good things and sometimes when you doubt, life will bring someone to show you that you were wrong. He makes me laugh and just gets me. Who else would play video games with me, or make pillow forts, or make fun of me almost as much as i make fun of him, or understand my sarcastic sense of humour, or just have stupid conversations that really don't make sense. i'm happy with who I am right now with him, and that's a lot to say cause i've always been someone I am not with a guy (of interest). SO kudos to you champ!

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