Goodbye 2011

4:09 PM

Time flies by so fast and I think we take for granted each day we do have. I know I do. I tend to always put off what I can do today for tomorrow. But what if I don't have a tomorrow, what if today was my last day and I just didn't know it. There's still so much I want to do, so much I want to see, so much I have left to say.

2011 is coming to an end and just thinking back to the beginning of 2011 makes me realize how much things have changed. I had different friends, still in high school, different priorities. It's weird to think of how much has changed from then to now. Some things still stayed the same. My group of friends have slowly drifted apart between break ups and fights so my birthday will be a little interesting, but whatever i'm gonna be having too much fun to care. Security can deal with things this time haha.

Hmm beginning of 2011. My best friend was dating someone else, tbh she deserved way better and i'm glad she did find way better. New years it was me and her and her family as usual, her bf at the time, our best friend Jenna, our friend Alice and the extended Portuguese family. I had so much fun and was so appreciative of the chosen family I had. They are amazing in every single way.

I didn't have a boyfriend at the time and was convinced that I was going to grow up to be a crazy gerbil lady since I'm allergic to cat (and hairless cat creep the shit out of me), that might still be in the cards. Me and my best friend Kelsey were not as close then because she was always with her boyfriend but now were like inseparable. In fact after this past summer I got closer with two other girls, Crystal and Jordanna. I love them both to death and couldn't have asked for better friends. I'm so glad we got closer, because they have helped me through a lot.

I had another best friend. She was different than the rest, but not in a bad way. She had that "I do what I want and don't give a fuck what you think" attitude which I did admire. We both loved writing and could be both a little stubborn now that I look at it. She lives right by me and we would often take the bus together. We had some great memories, like the time I slept over at her house and we decided to drink. What a fail I was, she made me one drink and I was already starting to feel it. I sat on her bathroom floor calling people while I giggled watching her take a shot over the sink. We then spent an hour it seemed, just sitting outside talking to one guy, somehow rainbows and unicorns got brought into the conversation. I told her things I didn't tell other people cause with the circumstances I felt like I couldn't. She gave me the best advice and we had some great memories. I learned a lot from her to. I saw a side of me I didn't like. I also tried to help her. I was scared and didn't know what to do and eventually it come to the point that I didn't think I could help her anymore. I still miss her, how our friendship used to be, and how things were back then, but I guess we can't go back we just have to keep going forward. But I do thank her for being my best friend, cause for what it was worth, it was great.

It's crazy how things changed. You could have been super close with someone and now you seem like strangers. You could have been strangers and now the best of friends. Maybe you had different dreams and goals, some achieved others not. Some of us went off to school again, others to work and be adults. In high school we all kinda head the same goal, to just get the hell out of there alive. Now everyone has something different, whether its to pay bills, party, survive the tortures of uni/college, upgrade, even raise families.

2011 was great and now 2012 is coming and in a year i'll look back again and see how much has changed, hopefully for the better.

Have a happy New Years everyone !

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