6:25 PM

Finals. Finals. Finals.

Just that word makes me want to shoot myself. But guess what !


I love christmas with all me heart. Christmas specials, festive drinks, Candy canes, trees, lights, snowmen, family, eeeeeep just the though of it makes me want to pee my pants with excitement.

Not literally.

I love dressing up and getting together with the chosen family. There is so many of us piled into one basement with enough food to feed a small country. You have to be there to understand. Maybe this year I'll take a picture to show you want I mean. But everyone is there, giving kisses, talking about the randomest things, laughing, dancing, it's just wonderful and make me smile from head to toe.

This weekend I will be studying as I watch the Grinch. And after finals i'm thinking a Home Alone marathon because those are my favourite Christmas movies.

Hope everyone else's holidays go just as great.

Laaave you all.


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