Just keep Dreaming

3:46 PM

Today is a really crappy day.

I'm talking like snow blizzard, grey clouds, super cold crappy day. Like honestly if you stand out side for two minutes you literally have to shake off the snow that has built up on your shoulders.

why. do. I. live. here.

So to cheer myself up I decided to take a trip down memory lane.

Everyone makes life so compacted, I know I do. and then you wonder why every little kid is so happy. Because they don't over think anything, they just do it. Because they don't understand drama so they ignore it and continue on their way. They are so innocent and see life in such a simple manner. Maybe we should try that for once. So while I was collected in my thoughts about this I thought about what used to make me happy when I was a little girl, and these are just a few of them:

The Little Mermaid was my favourite princess movie. Yes i even combed my hair with  a fork once because I wanted to be just like her. I pretty much knew every song by heart (and still do...except for unfortunate souls) and I still do watch it. I mean what is not to love about it : )

 But besides Little Mermaid, my all time favourite movie was Oliver and Company. I don't know how many times I watched it, but every time I did I still cried.... at the same damn part. When I grow old and have youngins for myself, I am forcing them to watch it and sing along to EVERY song. Yes, I do feel a little bit sorry for my future children but it's something that must be done.
 I still read these books..... AND I HAVE NO SHAME. They are timeless, funny, original, and super cute. I wish he never died because when I become a rich billionaire I so would have hired him to write me books personally, or at least become his bestest friend ever and make him come up with stories at the top of his head. "Yeah, so I was just eating-" "Hey Seuss, throw me a rhyme!"
 NEMO. I think this movies is freaking adorable, I mean the writers we're freaking geniuses and I bow down to them. It honestly never gets old. My best friend has watched it enough times to probably talk along with the movie. oh yeah, she also shows off her talent of speaking whale to people. but we love her.
 What girl didn't love this show? Sugar, spice and everything nice? Super heroes that were not boys, and were super cute. Uh, count every little girl in! I even forced my mother to take me and my best friend to go see the movie in theatres. Yeah, i'm sure she loved that but I know I did.
 These were my obsession. Like my favourite candy was these lollipops and they came in these creative flavours. Cherry, orange, lemon? Pfft they rebelled and had pepsi, strawberries and creme, peach.
And finally, my life would not be complete without Winnie the Pooh. The cutest bear alive that taught me so many wonders and inspired me to have an imagination such as the one I do now, because life should be full of crazy adventures; made up in your dreams or in reality. I loved it so much that me and my best friend went to go see the new one in theatres, in the summer. and I'm 17. No shame : ) I also have the cutest pooh bear stuffy thanks to my lovely boyfriend. Pooh Bear I love you

So these are just the few things amongst many that made me a happy little girl and i decided to take a page from my days when I was little. Keep life as simple as you can and never EVER stop dreaming and running off into fantasy worlds. Without dreams you have nothing to fight for or believe in.

love you all !

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