Dear People;

1:20 PM

This is a letter to all those people who kinda drive me crazy.

Dear people who put their backpacks on seats in the bus or train. Seriously? you know those 7 people standing totally understand why you put it there. I mean god forbid you put it on your lap. sometimes i just wanna grab your bag and chuck it out the door. so if you see me, better hide your bags.

Dear people who sit by me on the bus/train when there are 8347657465 seats available. uuuuh what were you hoping would happen? to talk and then i would frolic with you through fields of flowers. no. just no.

Dear guys who have longer hair than me. I have pretty long hair. i'm not saying i think its gross, but i am seriously jealous of your hair growing abilities. share the secret?

Dear jr. high and elementary kids who have "it's complicated" on their relationship status. uh I'm sorry did he/she not share their crayon with you? hooow can it be complicated?

Dear people who think showering is an option. there is a good reason why there is a huge gap between you and the rest of the crowd.

Dear people who walk 2 km/hr and take up the whole hallway so no one can get past you. IF YOU SEE A MIDGET RUN AT YOU AND ATTACK YOU IT WAS ME. just a warning. man nothing worse then trying to get to class and you people are just in your own world. MOVE. one day I'm just gonna ride a bulldozer, then everyone will move.

Dear boys who think its fun to play games. girls hearts are not your dick, so don't play with it.

Dear university. you're great and all but lay off on the homework kay? i miss my social life.

Dear government; screw you for changing diploma's to only be 30% of your grade the year AFTER i graduate. seriously? i could have passed chemistry.....

Dear math, i hate you so much. j + e + r + k. look we just learned.

I think i'm good for right now.
toddles my lovelies : )

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