just here rambling

12:41 PM

there's a moment where you take a glimpse at the past and wonder what if.

what if you took that one chance, what would be different.

so much has changed. high school has changed me.

i am thankful for everyone who has come in my life, even if they are no longer there because everyone is in your life for a reason. i wont look back and think i made a mistake cause my choices are made and done. cant erase them and i dont think i want to because if things are meant to be they will work it out.

ive been pushing myself so hard to find love that ive been tearing myself apart, setting myself to believe im not good enough but i am. i dont need a boy right now because i have so much love in my life. between family and friends im so lucky : ) they all support me and make me stronger.

but of course finding a boy would never hurt ; )

summer summer summer, how i love you.

mind you this past week or two has been all about rain. so dear god, if i wanted more rain i would have moved to the east coast or the rainforest, not here. bring on the sunshine baby ! and no more thunder storms please, my dog might die of a heart attack.

i love hearing from all of you and always email in your questions ! : )

i think its time for a new change. new layout? hmm and maybe a new name! staaaay tunned kaaays !

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