the beginning of summer 2011

4:02 PM

sooo of course summer here would mean more rain then shine, but thats okay.
its still freaking summer !

i cant believe i graduated feel so... so weird. i already miss all my friends like crazy : ( but i can already tell it will be amazing, and mostly because of my state of mind.

i have never been so happy. i was literally walking my dog, jamming to my i-pod, and sun beating down and i actually stopped. just stopped to look around. this was my life. this was where i was going. high school was over and i made it alive. i've been so blessed to have the friends that i do and to have the worlds greatest family.

between them there is so much love.

and yes i do want a relationship, but i no longer want one cause it will make me happy, i want want to make someone else happy. i dont know why im so freakin happy but i am.

i like where i am. who i am. and if you dont and dont think im good enough then clearly you dont deserve me.

im in a frenzy about boys and friends, but through all this chaotic mess i know ill work it out. cant wait for the summer adventures and cant wait to tell you all about them.

mwaaaah !


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