11:26 PM

eep graduation is four days away. how surreal.

i dont think it has fully hit me that its all ending. life after high school just seems weird to think of because you get so used to that daily routine of waking up at 6:30 am get ready, go to class, come home, cram homework/nap, sleep. its some never ending cycle that has gone on since we were 4 years old.

now we move forward to our futures. we make a new friends, go new places, try new things. it seems so over whelming : /

im gunna miss all my friends leaving the city : ( especially since one i grew up with and he is like my brother, but im so proud of him, and my other friend and i have become so close. i love her to bit ; )

so this is it, in four days i will be walking down the aisle, waiting for my name to be called, and in my hands will be a blank scroll that is supposed to represent my diploma ( which i already got in the mail, so yay for succeeding!) and then i spend two days with my friends, partying and celebrating the fact that we made it !


so congrats all you wonderful people and remember not to puke during safe grad!

mwah and all the best to everyone !


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