From Beginning to the End Part II

6:09 PM

So here it is. less than two months and its over. everything.

looking back i realized how longs its been. everyone remembers the summer before high school. sch a mix of high hopes, friends comparing schedules, and jitters. we all heard stories of being froshed, and to be honest that was my biggest worry. i blame my mom talking about her "back in the days"

the first day was crazy. i held onto my schedule and map of the school like it was glued to my hands. i had never been so grateful to see teachers standing on the side telling us where to go. but the most nerve recking part was walking into a class not knowing anyone. even in grade 12 it was scary. but it was good too because it forced me to meet new people and eventually meet some of my closest friends.

grade ten flew by. not only did i have joana and jenna, my two besties from jr. high (well joana from grd. k), but i had met some other amazing people to pull me through. we were like a little family. we spent every lunch together, either walking around the halls being stupid as always, or running around outside. grade ten was good. my first taste of high school was sweet.

then grade eleven rolled around. some people i was close to in grade 10 i no longer really talked to besides a quick hello. and miss. Jordanna kinda drifted from us, finding her way through boyfriends, and new friends, and making her own memories. which is fine cause in the end we still ended up as super fantastic friends ;) grade 11 was more dramatic then i thought. from my first college party (that my mother still has no idea about) to bitch fights that i didn't even know i could fight back. i got a job, balanced school, and danced 9 hours a week. got involved in a school musical and pushed myself to the limits. i thought i was on top of the world but i was so wrong. my social life was flying high but my personal life was suffering. my mom and i were always fighting, i couldn't even stand her at moment. i changed, in ways for the worse. i got into fights with friends. drama seemed to circle our group endlessly. but we pulled through by the end of the year, somehow we managed and were only ready for our last year.

now grade twelve is ending and how much has life turned around? my mom and i are good now : ) i can tell her anything, and even my dad and i have heart to heart which is so not normal. my dad even tried to have the sex talk with me... remember kids put the rubber on the stick! i kind have calmed down compared to my high fly social life in grd. 11. i'm pretty sure i drank more in grade 11 than i have in grade 12. but man was this year stressful, between keeping up grades, applying to post secondary, drama, and all that fun stuff life seemed to spiral out of control. for a moment i lost myself in all the fuss, but I'm back now ready to take on whatever happens next.

ja- we are still closer than ever, like no matter what life throws at us we can still pull through. you will always be my sister and i love you. it always helps that our families are so tight, but you know i could not survive without you so than you for always being here. : )

jc- my adopted Portuguese ;), holy crap we have been through so much, but we have never gotten in a fight. weeuuu. haha you are the only person i can now read cosmopolitan with LOL we have that "laugh all the time till we pee ou pants cause we are so dumb, but we still have our heart to hearts" friendship. i love you and i am so grateful to have you in my life, forever : ) love you.

cm- my ex- hubby LOL you and i have gone through a bumpy ride, but we didn't become close until middle of last year. i have never met someone quite like you and i love you best friend. you have helped me through so much and i'm always here :)

kg- hubby :D you make m life with your silly phone calls and our weirdness only connects us closer. yes yes we were friends in grade 11 but its like after the summer before grade 12 we just instantly became besties. i dunno what i would do without your kookiness. forever bb

jb- you have the same initials as the biebs. haha i love you and your love for food haha. you always make me laugh and our heart to hearts are pretty great. whenever i have a problem i an count on you and i will be here for you : ) our mini pigs will be bfffffffs

and to all my other friends, i am so grateful for you all. somehow each and everyone of you have touched my heart. even the people who i am no longer close to. thank you for everything. you all have shown me so much in life, and have made me smile. we have had our memories and i can promise you i will never forget them. thank you for those who have been there for me, who have helped me through my difficult times, and who have shown me who i can be. you are all beautiful people and i wish the best for you all.

so that is basically what high school is. this huge bumpy roller coaster. i could tell you it was the worst three years of my life but that is a lie. yeah there were points where i wanted it to just end, but it really wasn't that bad. it shaped who i am today. it showed me what i want and need. i met great people, have great memories. high school is high school. its not some glamorous time where everything is perfect. there's heartbreaks, and fights, and you may lose friends, but you have to keep your head up; hope for a better tomorrow. who knows maybe in the end you'll see that one person you couldn't stand in high school and see how much changed, who knows you might end up best friends. or the geek everyone made fun of might be some multi millionaire.

high school isn't the end and don't be so quick to judge, because once people get out of high school everything changes. people change.

so here is to the last two months, make the best of it cause you wont see all those faces all the time anymore
and here's to a new future, good luck to everyone.
and here's to my new future, whatever that may be. but you will all know cause i will always keep up to date ;)

much love bloggers


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