From the Beginning to the End Part I

6:23 PM

So this past weekend i decided to watch scream 1,2, and 3 to prepare myself for the newest movie. and wen i was watching the third movie there was this scene where a guy decided to record a video of himself about leaving his legacy about movies and i decided i kinda wanted to do the same.

in a sense.

so dear future readers,

my name is brittany and yes this is my fantastic blog. as you can see on the side i have a short blurb about who i am, but that really doesn't tell you anything. this is all you really need to know. i like to write. song, poems, stories, blogs, anything. i also live to dance. been dancing since i as 4 : ) its a life and passion, that takes some serious dedication, sometimes not even i had enough dedication. i do sing, mostly to my shower head because i get nervous when people hear me sing.

i am very afraid of sharks although i have never been near one, jaws has scarred me what can i say. and oh if you decide its funny to sneak up on me, be prepared to be kicked. its a reflex, my dad has even said I'm like a mule. hahaha...not.

my loves are my family, besties, and of course my dog. you know the little two pound chiuaua that will attack anything that has to legs, or on wheels. ( she tried to run after a truck, and the guy in the car thought she was a giant rat). she is the cutest thing ever : )

you know what i love though. i love knowing i have people who care for me, that i am never alone. that i can wake up every day with no worries. i mean yes this city is not so exciting compared to new york or la, but its safe and the people here are pretty fantastic. i mean i have the best and craziest friends. we are those kids you see in the halls falling to the floor laughing just because. you can probably hear us at the other end of the school. and yes we can be totally insane (we decided to shove like 7 girls in a bath tub) but we are there for each other. and i have my dance family. these girls know me inside out and are always here. yes we play dress up, funny style, and sing in the middle of a restaurant, but hey we are living life.

so future readers this is what i shall leave you with.

2011 so far as been about

  • girls obsessing with glitter thanks to ke$sha
    everyone is in love with vampires

  • and warewolves

  • britney spears is no longer crazy

  • all the cool kids have an iphone or a blackberry

  • facebook is like crack, myspace... does that even run anymore?

  • or idea of big news is charlie sheen...

  • microsoft has died, its all about apple now

  • iphones, ihome, ipod, idog, i...i...i; yeah kinda self centred.

  • no one calls now, its either text, bbm, tweet, of facebook.

  • cartoons just aren't as good as they used to be. You all should watch the original scooby doo.

  • there's been so many natural disaster, that it's only convincing people more that the world will end in 2012. Some people already have bomb shelters or flights to south africa just in case.

  • you know who is peoples best friends when girls call out "hey bitch" "hey hoe" "hey skank"

  • online dating is no longer shameful, even Christians have their own personal dating site.

  • reality t.v. has taken over

  • the club dance style? fist pumping

  • biggest television event, the wedding of prince William

  • Americans have a black president, and yes everyone wants to meet him. he's my best friend just so you know : P

  • justin bieber is the biggest heart throb... he's 17 years old.

  • song people always get stuck in their head, friday- rebecca black. oh my gawd....

any other suggestion about 2011?

so future readers that just a little insight of what 2010-2011 is so far all about. with this i leave you be and i will post another blog about high school the real reason i started this post.

ta ta


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