where did the days go

7:41 PM

i remember when i was little i wanted to be a princess.
i wanted to find my prince charming and have all the wishes i ever needed.
if i wanted a pony all i had to do was ask.
i remember twirling in a puffy dress, crown on my head, thinking i was the prettiest of them all.
life was simple, i was innocent.

but sadly life is not that easy. i sure wish it was.

my prince, he`s somewhere out there. lost.

i mean at one point i had him. the sweetest funniest and very charming boy i have ever met. he actually listened to me and seemed to genuinely care about me. when we hungout we could go from serious to crazy in a matter of seconds. we had water fights and ice cream fights, and we poke fun at each other. but in the end we still care.

his kiss was the cutest. he actually gets shy around me. we can talk about anything.¸

but all of this had to end.
my dad did not approve.
he`s black.
but i really like him.... idk what to do.

now i`m stuck in my not so happily ever after,
where romance seems to be everywhere,
and christmas is supposed to be the best time of the year.

did i mention i am now to see a therapist,
to regain self confidence.

i miss the days where being a princess seemed possible.
where innocence was still alive.

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