Let it Snow

4:57 PM

All i can see is sheets of white.
i miss the green ! oh how nice summer was : )
i mean dont get me wrong i do love winter but come on,
does there have to be such extreme temps? of course there does.
its canada -.-

oh yeah and yesterday was my best friends christmas party.
it ws fun... but it reminded me how SINGLE i am. everyone was basically coupled up expect three girls. lameeee.

and then the guy i had like before. WHO had asked me out then the next day took it back,
yeah he was there.
see we`ve become good friends so of course everyone would ask

"well then what the problem?"

the problem is NOT that he has a girlfriend. i mean sure, yes i am happy for them
the problem is a part of me still kinda is jealous.

i think its just because the whole thing i had with him is going sooo down hill. he`s a sweetie pie, but my father has done everything in his power to keep us apart : /

love kinda sucks.

a lot.

but plus side. christmas is around the corner : )

wooo cannot wait. hope everyones holidays is going well.


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