Yes i really do have a small fear for cribs

1:07 AM

but we can blame this temporary phobia on the movie paranormal activity two.

i went to go see it today with my loverly friends, there was like 10 of us or more haha. we pretty much dominated the theater. but shit that movie is messed.

if anyone likes scary movies you should def go see it. i mean its not scary like story line is scary but it`ll keep you awake. im pretty sure i was so close to getting a heart attack. i hate when things pop out of no where. and ewwww her teeth in one part, god it looked like she took a nail file to them and sharpened them. reminded me of a mouth of a shark. she needed to see a dentist during that part. and really, was there a need to bite! geez, your not a rabid animal, tame yourself.

i like how joana watched the entire movie basically by curling up into a ball, covering her ears, and peering over her jacket. yupp, she`s just that cool

but moving on!

hmm this week this week

well in general everything has been swell. work is good, school is okay could be better, and friends and family are getting better. even boys are getting better

although im a bit torn. i really do like him and we talk on the phone all the time now. yesterday we talked for two hours : ) so things between us are great but then i also kinda sorta like this other guy but i wont say anything to him or do anything about it. i`m kind of just hoping that it`ll pass and fade away.

why do guys have to be difficult : (


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