My Drama Teacher the Shrink

8:29 PM

So my mom decided to break down to my drama teacher, and "express some major concerns about her adolescent daughter"

so of course i was called down to his office expected to confess my every problem and concern.

and i did.

and it felt good to dump everything on a stranger who has no idea whats really going on and who doesn`t know everyone. it was good to say things without being scared. but i cried a lot.

and not because of my problems but because i never really realized how many people care about me. even my drama teacher does, and the sad part is all of these people believe in me more then i believe in myself.

so thank you everyone who loves and cares for me, i couldn`t have asked for a better family : )

that much closer to my road to happiness

take care all you lovely people.

happiness project: 334 days

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