Don't be afraid of change.

5:59 PM

A lot has changed in just a couple of weeks.

new friendships
loss of some
no dance this year
stress from school and work !
boys : )

yes there's a smiley face after that. there may be a potential, but i decided this time i would be extra cautious because i dont want to get hurt again. he has to prove himself and if he doesn't then he was never worth it.

that is my plan of action. i also decided to bring back the boy project so keep in touch !

my new personal plan of action is to make drastic changes, and stick with them. i want to do so many things this year but i never find the time because i never properly organize my time. but that will change : )

i`m finally finding my inner happiness. i`ve been writing songs, back into fashion, writing my story ( someone professional actually wants to read it, eeep!) and i`m starting to patch things up, with everyone.

this is my last year of high school i don`t have time for bullshit and petty drama`s. it`s time for everyone to start getting serious and growing up. stop caring what everyone else thinks and move on with your own life. people have their opinions about you then that`s fine. let them say what they want to. you`ll finally see their true colors.

i`m going to keep my head up high and depend on the people who really have my back, my family and my besties. if i got that then it doesn`t matter what people say.

but off to tidy up my writing before i submit it! wish me luck


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