dear god

6:29 PM

there has always been something wrong with me, there was always something that made me unhappy. and i turned to other things and people, blaming them. but i think i understand now. i think i understand why i am so unhappy. it has nothing to do with anyone else. just me. i am my own worst enemy.

i am the one who blocks myself from my dreams.
i am the one who acts like someone they are not, as if acting like this would gain other peoples approval
i am the one who takes the easy way out, even tho it is the wrong way
i am the one who can`t show her emotions, who hurts people
i am the one who tries to act like she doesn`t give a damn, but i do.
i am the one who does act selfish and who does take people for granted
i am the one who blames others when i should blame myself.

so i ask you to help me, give me the strength, to be a better person. i have messed up a lot already, and i don`t want to continue this way. i want to be happy and make others happy. so please, grant me this.


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