The Boy Project: Entry Nine

6:17 PM

Yes that is right

The Boy Project is back ! and to celebrate this i have for you 99 facts that boys think girls should know. of course this is from a boys opinion so keep an open mind haha. thanks for all the submits by the way! here are the first 11

1. guys prefer neat presentable girls, not good looking one. although it doesn`t hurt.
2. guys hate other flirts
3. a guy can like you for a minute, and then forget you afterwards. no biggie.
4. when a guy says he doesn`t understand you he simply means he doesn`t see things the way you see things
5. "whats up" or "hows it going" are usually the first things guys say to get out of stammering
6. guys can flirt all they want all day, but before they go to bed they have the one girl they care about on their mind
7. if a guy really likes you he will forget all your bad qualities, so be yourself
8. guys go crazy over a girls smile
9. guys will do anything for a girls attention, even if it`s crazy
10. guys hate when
11. when a guy wants to meet your parents, let him. he wants to take a step forwward in the relationship!

more will come next time


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