I was kidnappped by Pixies

4:24 PM

Yes that is why i could not blog.

and if that were true i`d also like to mention that i am currently dating taylor lautner and j.biebs is my best friend.

but we all know that is not true, although i wouldn`t mind it to be! maybe not about the pixies though....

i apologize dear friends, but life has been busy with school starting and dance and homework, ugh homework : (

and boys?!?!?!?!?!?

they make me want to fork my eyes out some days. like seriously.


is there any hope for a girl to find a good guy? apparently not.

perhaps i`ve seen love die too many times to actually want it.

3 boys well maybe four, and yet they all share a common interest, ladies men.

all of them. so why should i trust them, why should i put my heart on the line only to get hurt?

so for now i`m just going to put my girls first. who needs boys, i can get along just fine without complications and i like being single. you can do whatever you please without the guilty feeling rising in your throat. i will not search for love any longer

so farewell! i am off to do more exciting things like trig and read English stories about creepy women who crawl around their house smelling yellow wall paper. (read the short story "the yellow wallpaper" if you`d like to know)

hopefully you will hear from me soon again.

kiss kiss.

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