Zonked beyond belief

6:27 PM

soo i`m absolutely dead from this entire weekend.

like literally dead.

friday i worked.

saturday i woke up early and went over to joana`s house to set up for jennas surprise bday party we were throwing her. me and joana managed to hang christmas lights in her enitre garage, stick ballons everywhere, clean it up a bit (joana did that part mostly), bake a cake and cupcakes ( the cake looked so great!), and got ready all in a nick of time. and she was so surprised. i love it and can`t believe we pulled it off. over all the night was fabulous and soo much fun even tho there were a couple of shocker moments throughout the night.

so sunday we woke up at 11 after going to bed around 3 and ate then took down EVERYTHING. at 3 i had to go to work again getting off at 8 THEN went straight to a friend of my parents to babysit his kids.


these kids are like 13 months and 3 years old. perfect cute little age. i`m already exhausted from my day hoping that they`ll be too tired to do anything. the baby, she was fine. out liike a light bulb. the three year old was high off teddy crackers. she had so much energy. she didn`t fall asleep till 11 then kept waking up. she also peed her pants. -.-

and insisted on changing her p.j.`s 6 times only to decide she liked the first outfit the best. i also had to colour 4 pictures, comb her hair, and try on her new hair clips. my hair wanted to scream just like i did.

she`s a cutie tho.

oh yeah the dad, he didn`t get home till 5:30 in the morning. and i had to work today.

so now i have no energy at all.

so now im going to take a power nap then go run my errands.

kiss kiss.

(btw me and ``the boy`` could not be any better, i hope something happens : ) )

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