i wish i may

3:20 AM

i`m going on a break for the whole ``30 days of blogging`` if you haven`t noticed. just too much going on right now and i need time to sort things out.

i`m silly for dreaming for such things.
i`m silly for hoping for such wonders.
but i`d like to think that if the world wasn`t filled with dreamers,
we`d all live in a pretty miserable place.

so keep your dreams alive,
even when you fail.

because for every broken dream,
there`s a new hope.

somewhere out there,
you just have to find it. and apparently i just haven`t found mine yet.

if you haven`t noticed my mind is everywhere, i really don`t know what to feel right now.

on the plus i did have a me day ! which involved brownies, degrassi, one tree hill, and sweat pants. gotta love those kind of days : )

good night dear readers and remember never stop believing because eventually something good will happen and you can say you tried !

kiss kiss.

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