The Boy Project: Entry Eight.

11:01 PM

The boy project is back again! WOOT

it's been awhile eh?

but i decided to bring it back because i have surrounded myself with a lot of boys and there's some new things i discovered and somethings i have confirmed.

  1. boys are very defensive about their territories.
this does not include anything about girls. this is just in general. honestly everything is a competition with them. who can do this the best, who has the most... blah blah blah. breathe boys, not everything is entitled to you. but as soon as you touch a certain button marked my territory it's like you just asked for a fight. no really. they ask you if you want to fight about it.

     2.  some are very defensive about themselves

you point out one flaw about them and its like the whole world just ended. we know that you are not perfect. we don't expect you to. but please don't walk around like you are better than the rest of the world. puts us off. there's a point where you pass confidence and enter the zone of cockiness.  not all boys are like this tho, thank god.

    3.  when he is a ladies man he is either oblivious or a sleaze. 

there's two types of "ladies man" i have come across.

type a: the oblivious man- you know the one who has ladies all over him and doesn't really see it like that. he just thinks they're being nice to him and then he flirts kind of unintentionally. usually this guy has a girlfriend and it can cause a problem, but he doesn't see it because he doesn't see that he is a ladies man. but they are usually loyal so it's okay ladies.

type b: the total man whore- the one that knows he is a ladies man and flirts with every girl possible because he knows the girls will come to him. he usually thinks he is a stud muffin, prob has every know std (no offense), doesn't do relationships, and walks around like the world should bow down to him. fyi girls when you meet someone like this, no matter how hot he is, he is not worth it. he's just another heartbreaker and we can all do better. 

    4. boys have two personalities.

not all do. but it's like they were born actors. we see this sensitive, sweet, and genuine side that we love and believe that this is too good to be true. well sometimes it is. around a girl he's all sheepish, cute, and a sweetheart but around the guys it's like there is another person. he acts completely different and its baffling. its like around the guys all the respect for girls has flown out the window. they talk about us like we're some new toy they can do whatever they want. it's the reason girls started wearing the pants in the relationships, boys. just so you know.

of course these four facts doesn't belong to every guy in the world. there are some very amazing boys out there and they deserve a round of applause. the only sad thing is they're taken of gay. shame isn't it. but no these facts are just covering some boys i have come across so far. 

more shall come.

kiss kiss.

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