Bitter Passions with No Compassion

10:15 PM

i hate you.

three little words.
that burns like acid upon our skin,
blistering and bubbling,
pain retching within.

it travels through our body,
like poison,
unsuspecting and damages

these three little words,
whether you mean them or not, 
can cut someone so deep 
that the scars may never heal.

how can someone utter these words to a human? how can someone truly hate another individual. hate; it's such a strong work filled with anger and bitter passion. but that passion it has no regrets. it has no compassion.

i could never hate someone, to send that much anger and regret upon someone, as if asking that they would die. i never could. because i know what it's like to hear those words be thrown at you. to think that someone you knew, just like that, hates you? impossible, but you are sure those very numbing words left their lips. and you feel their words echo within, traveling like poison, rotting everything good. you break down, feeling like the world blames you, shuns you. you did something wrong, why else would they hate you. and these words, they carry on. no matter how good you feel, and believe that you truly moved on, you never will. something will spark it, something as simple as walking by a house. and then, then the feelings flood. 

and you cry.

and cry.

until you feel okay and you remember that they are just one person. 
but just one person can have a permanent effect.

so remember,

hate is a word with passion, and no compassion. 
and like a scar, it may not always heal completely.

good night dear readers.

kiss kiss.

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