Tans, Boys, Beach,Best Friend; Oh what a life

9:26 PM

Hi : )

yes i am back from vacation. one week of pure bliss (aside form the 12 hour drive there and the 10 1/2 hour drive back) and best part was going with my second familia.

by far one of the best vacations in awhile. so lets start telling you about the past week shall we? first of all we were supposed to wake up at 4 for the ride and my best friend Annette convinced me to pull an all nighter, so she stayed up with me until it was time to leave. maybe not the smartest idea but it was worth it because we had a total heart to heart at 2 in the morning. yes that is how we roll my friends. so i had zero sleep, too excited. i honestly felt like a little giddy kid who found out they were going to disneyland. and i was only going to bc.

so by the time Joana's family arrived it was closer to five.

i would just like to bring up something. it was 4:30 in the morning and across the street was my neighbor, some old bat, watching us pack our cars and talk, while she just stood there smoking. she stayed there for a good 15 minutes. sooo creepy. she often does this too. just stands there. but that's besides the point.

so the drive up. well lots of mountains and pine trees. a lot of pine trees. and i got a total of 3 hours of sleep. i was so dead.

best part. we lost joana's family somewhere just after jasper. yeup. you can blame my dad's impatient driving. for a 53 year old he drives like he's 20, cutting every possible car out there. they ended up taking the longest road there. so we get to our campsite around 8, and it's already starting to get dark because the sun sets faster in the mountains [duh i'm sure you knew that]. our tent is huge. and our campsite was okay. BIGGEST HILL TO HIKE THO. im pretty sure my legs are toned because i walked up that thing so many times. so by the time joana's family got there our tent was set up. we helped them set up, caused so much commotion inflating 6 air mattress'. inflating mine was so pointless because it had a hole in it so i ended up sleeping in joana's tent the entire trip.

second day. we go to the city beach. i loved waking up every morning, put on my bathing suit, swipe only mascara and concealer, and then out the door. this beach was pretty considering it was in town. and the town of Osoyoos is so cute. so of course we tanned, swam and flaoted, jumped off the dock, explored and then got this crazy idea to go parasailing.

yes parasailing.

i was so nervous at first but it was totally worth it. i mean yeah joana asked the craziest questions and thinking of every worst possible senerio, so i was slightly shitting my pants the entire time. but there was this totally adorable "strawberry" blonde guy that was working there. but anyways. so there we were up in the air, almost 200 ft to be exact, screaming and waving at all the little people. it was gorgeous and not scary at all. then the guy said we'd come around and "dip our feet" in the water then go back up. dipping your feet, okay sounds good. he lied! my entire front half hit the water. and on top of it all i had a painful camel toe going on. ugh. and i tired to sit back in my "seat" but for some reason i couldn't. turns out joana had her knees up the whole entire time -.-

warning: when parasailing know how to land and remember KEEP WALKING. my dad got it on tape, my failed landing. me and joana went at the same time, and i was in front meaning i was the one who had to walk, so it was up to me if we crashed. we crashed. and its on camera. yeup. oh yeah did i mention joana was running off like 7 hours from the past two days, so she was beyond hyper. "lets walk like crabs back to shore" "im a shark" yes she really said this. we also went banana boating, which is like tubing. so much fun for the first day

the third day. we went to the beach for dogs. my dog was not impressed that she was thrown in the lake btw. but the lake was filled with seaweed. literally filled, and i swam in it. i almost cried. so instead of swimming me and joana decided floating around would be a better idea. first of all we were past the bayous so the possibility of getting hit my a boat was high. second, we were surrounded by seaweed. it was like this one section that had tall seaweed, gummy and slimy, and floating weeds. and of course just our luck, we got stuck in it. twice. im pretty sure everyone looked at us like we were insane. DID YOU KNOW THE 7/11 THERE SELLS CHICKEN. there's an actually "cafe" thing with all sorts of chicken. i was baffled. then at night we went to get diary queen. so good.

fourth and fifth day. these two days were spent in the beautiful city of pentiction. the first day we let the dads and brothers go fishing while the girls went shopping. the stores there are ridiculous. i have never seen such high prices. there was this one store called "3 wishes" and there was a pare of simple flats on sale for 200 something. on sale. it's crazy. then the second day in pentiction we went to the beach : ) the water there is so clear and warm, its beautiful i could of spent all day in the water. me and joana also attempted to swim to a water slide in the middle of the water. it didn't look so far but oh my god. i almost died. i also made a new friend. we also went to safeway. i'm only telling you this because of two events.

first joana was literally high off life or something. everything was so funny. idk but it was that moment i remembered why we're sisters, we're both a bit crazy haha.

second. my mom fell haha. at first i laughed but she looked like she was going to kill someone. water had spilt and a boy no older than me comes in with a "caution" sign and my mom blew up "THAT SHOULD OF BEEN THERE 5 MINUTES AGO" that poor kid shriveled under my moms wrath and did his best to avoid her. by the way we went to walmart so many times. not even kidding you.

BEST PART OF THE FIFTH DAY WAS GO-KARTING. and i was the one who drove : ) joana had never been go-karting so we buddied up. originally she was supposed to drive but somehow it ended up being me. im pretty sure she wished that i didn't drive. i crashed twice and made three people crash. i asked if i should be a nascar driver and she said no right away.

sixth day. floating down a canal. which sounds pleasant and nice, but it was raining. not hard at first. we thought the storm was going to pass. so me, joana, and her brother jason tied the boats. we saw so many little baby ducks. i decided im going to have a pet duck btw :) but half way through it was raining hard. so we caught up with my mom and paddled. people on the highway honked at us cause we looked insane, and one person actually took and picture. we were on the canal for 2 hours almost. splendid. then we went for dinner at a ladies house and went to tickleberries for ice cream. 72 flavors and my dad got vanilla. yup he's a champ.

seventh day. went to two beaches. tanned/burned that day. went on the waterslides with our brothers. we all made a train and im pretty sure i kicked joana twice when we came out and she kicked me so many times. i think we were the oldest ones there. then at night we went to this dance party thing. i wish edmonton did something like that. it was all outdoors. at first they only played country music but when songs we liked came on me and joana just danced like no tomorrow. it was fun, just us two belching the lyrics at the top of our lungs. even adults and little kids were in on the fun. the seventh day is also the day i got the confidence to step out of my border and talk to guys. i have never just gone up and talked to a guy.

eighth day. nothing special. drove home!

so after this trip i realized lots of things.

  1. thank god for hot showers. out of the whole trip i had only three hot showers

  2. spiders and beetles the size on my thumb enjoy chilling in the campsite bathroom

  3. wear sunscreen!

  4. don't wear sunglasses when tanning

  5. even in the mountains its hotter than here. 30 and up!

  6. summer is about taking chances, so take them

  7. be adventurous and do things you never would like parasailing

  8. going on vacations with your best friend & family is the best way to go

  9. i'm starting to accept who i am and become less of a wall flower. i think i'm finally finding my inner confidence. maybe this is the start of the better and new me.

with that being said i will leave you all. good night and hope you all are having a fabulous summer.


btw summer flings are a good idea : )

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