This Past Weekend

12:41 PM

I know, i've been M.I.A but i have exams and a busy life till summer comes!

So this weekend my family celebrated Portugal Day, at the Portuguese Club of course.

Seriously such a greaaat day. Joana and her family were there of course. First off i'd just like to say the food is always amazing. like oh my. then the old people did the traditional portuguese dances, and they were so adorable. something about old people, well old couples, makes me smile. they are sooooo adorable, dont you agree? so after that there was some time to dance a bit, hangout, and talk. Most of the adults were too busy drinking it up and talking to be dancing, so Joana, Nuno, Sandra, me, and some others all went to Timmy's. Well that was our original intent, but Joana and I had to take my brother and his friend to the movies to meet up with Joana's brother and his friends. Of course with the attention span me and Joana have, we got distracted by playing DDR. 


I am pretty good at DDR, prob. cause i own one. But never, EVER, have i done so bad. I mean me and Joana had to pound into the machine cause it wouldn't work any other way, so by the third song we were dying. Talk about a good workout i guess. Finally we walked over to Timmy's to get some ice caps. For anyone that lives in the U.S.A i suggest you invest in a Tim Horton's because its way better then your Dunkin' Donuts. Man when i went to Florida and i had that, ick. Nothing was fresh.... 

But Joana being Joana, calls me while she's in the bathroom cause apparently "all her change fell out." Well when i got there the only thing on the floor was a quarter and a penny.... yes Joana that is a lot! So by the time we got out we didn't see Nuno or Sandra [they're going out] so we figured they ditched us, walking back to the club with our mothers coffees.

THEN came the next group doing portuguese traditional dancing. A lot of them were close to our age. It's an intense dance. Joana and I even tried it out, oh lord that was a fail. I mean we're both Portuguese you'd think we'd know it better then we did. I mean, we got the little one two three step, but the turns completely lost us. Luckily, Joana's partner attempted to help her saying "turn now! face me! face her! turn!" while me and my partner just kept spinning cause we had no clue. it was the funniest epic fail ever. Our parents and family friends cheered loud for our attempt. and my dad and mom? They were dancing. My mom was panting, already tired, while my dad was going at it like he was 20 something. My dad is 53, he had more energy then the 16 year olds. it was scary.

Speaking of dads, Joana's dad completes me. Rest assure, if the "YMCA" is playing, you will see her dad up there dancing. Well the song came on so Joana and I ran out to get her dad from outside, turns out he already knew cause there he was, running, placing his beer down, happiness seeping out of him. He got so excited he knocked over a small child. Then as the song progressed he starting singing along.... well more like yelling. His voice was louder then the song, i mean the people sitting just stared at him bewildered, while Joana and I were dying of laughter. It's one of those things you need to witness. 

So for the rest of the night, it was either me and Joana walking around talking, dancing, or just goofing off. So much fun. Portuguese people know how to party. I didn't get home till 1:30 and i had to work the next day.  and well Sunday Joana's family came over for a BBQ. For some reason Joana had a craving for hot dogs. 


no lies lol. But I love her haha, she's like my sister, 12 years we've been friends : )

And then she got really excited for Pretty Little Liars, even tho she already watched it. Speaking of which its one today, go watch it and read the books, they're really good!

But ima go eat and then study chem.


P.S. two more exams till freedom!

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