Summer : )

4:58 PM

The sun beats down. The bright world flashed before you. Children screaming, laughing along as their sticky fingers grip their popsicle, while people bike and roller blade past you, laughing and smiling with such joy. Your head fills with the scent of freshly cut grass as you lay on the cool earth, just staring at everything around you. Everything seems so perfect, sunglasses perched on your nose, shorts as short as you can get them, bright colored tank tops. Endless days, hours, minutes. Life is perfect and anything can happen. Freedom is the key word. Endless possibilities and adventures dance around you, waiting for you to decide what to do next. Hot guys, tans, laughters, memories.

Yes friends, summer is here!

Well my summer has just begun and how sad... its a gross day out. But rest assure i will be blogging more and counting down the days of my summer. We'll say my end date is September 6th cause i think that's when school begins again.

Grade 12 ftw!


80 days of summer left.


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