Helloo There Mr.Sunshine

1:59 PM

Good afternoon.

Such a gorgeous day here in Edmonton it's crazy. By the way did anyone catch the MVA's last night? 

Well since it was Father's Days yesterday Joana's family came over and we celebrated together. We've been spending quite a bit of time together, happy for that. : D Anyways so me and Joana were watching the award show. I think this was the best one yet that Canada has done. They really out did themselves. They got great performers like Adam Lambert who did amazing as usual. Speaking of performers Miley Cyrus? I mean yes she is starting to grow on me, but what was she wearing? I liked her hair for Party in the U.S.A, and i give her props for singing and dancing cause that's really energy consuming, but come on her outfits were yeaaaah. Ke$ha is actually not that bad live, so good for her : ) Down with Webster got the crowd going wild, Mariana's Trench was dazzling in their sparkly suits and tie, and Hedley was so good live. I love them. Then we had Katy Perry, who actually did a good performance. I won't lie, I screamed when Drake came on. I love him. I wanted to see him in concert so so so so so baaaad. but i can't cause i'm not 18 : ( 

it sucks!

Of course Justin Bieber took home a lot of awards, and yes i know there are a lot of people who either love him or hate him, but i think he's done good for himself. He's made a name for himself and is living his dream. I have respect for him because he does what he wants, and he knows there's haters but he still chases his dream and goes at it even harder. What 16 year old can say they did a European and now Worldwide tour? Not even Miley Cyrus can say that. His songs are worldwide and in the top 20s in Europe. He even made it number one in Portugal haha. He's a living example of what you can do if you really want something and that it doesn't matter how old you are, if you want something bad enough you can get it. Plus i think he's adorable, not in that "omg he is so hot" but in the "i just want to pinch your cheeks and stuff you in my bag." 

but ladies, crying over him. kind of sad. I swear i was watching this show, and he touched this girls hand while he was performing and she wailed. like fell to the ground, hysterically crying, and looking at her hand like it was made of gold or something. PLEASE DO NOT DO THAT. Or when someone last year at the MVA's almost fainted cause Joe Jonas touched her hand. She actually fell back and cried, i was like seriously?

OH and then Joana basically made me pee myself. She had this obsession with the Ostrich from the stride commercial. She decided she wanted a pet Ostrich. I'm boycotting against that commercial cause every time it came on she kicked and squealed. and when she kicked, she kicked me! but she got told by Cameron, who told her there was a height limit for having a pet Ostrich, cause she wouldn't be able to defend herself. I laughed cause i can so see me going over and seeing Joana running around manically cause her pet Ostrich is chasing her. I for one wanted the blue magical cat from the Smarties commercial. But i didn't even know they took the blue smartie out! and why is having the blue smartie back in so life changing. Last night it was like the biggest deal ever?! But Joana made my day yesterday haha.

but since today is a gorgeous day i'm going to head out and get some sun : )

love you all,


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