God, If you're there...

11:15 PM

Dear God,

If you are out there please listen to the prayers a specific family has for you. They need your love, your guidance, your strength to pull them through. Please let them know that she will always be with them, that she will always watch over them. Let them know she's okay, better now, and that they will be okay, that amongst all this pain and mourning that they will find strength and keep her in their heart forever. Let the memories with her bring them happiness not pain, let pictures from the past make them smile, be filled with laughter to know that they had such a wonderful woman in their lives. Let Rose find the strength to pull through, that someday she will find happiness and comfort again. Let Jenna find the strength from her friends support her and let her find happiness and less stress. Let their family stay in peace, keeping the good memories with them, let them all find the happiness they deserve when the right time arrives.

Please God, listen to what they need, protect them, and help them.

Please God, that is all i ask.



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