The Boy Project: Entry Sevenn.

4:03 PM

Alright alright : )

i know i've been bad not updating this, but stuff has been going on this week and i haven't really been concentrating on anything lately. But i'll answer some today.

P.s. Dance Finale tomorrow, so excited cause we are doing "don't stop believing" glee version : D and this years i love out dances. 7 dances to perform tmrw ! (including finale of course)

But question time.

Question: "Why do guys their girlfriends for really ugly girls? Like my boyfriend broke up with me cause 'we weren't the same as we used to be which is fair enough, but a week later he's with this ugly chick who he used to make fun of all the time. What's up with that?" -Kyanna, Kingston, Ontario.

Answers: Little Jay[]: He might of been bored and maybe after getting to know her personality it made him look at her in different light. If you want him back, then you might have to "spice" things up, also it could be that he liked this other girl all along and was ashamed of showing it, no one know the true answer, but there's alot of factors to it.

Guy: maybe they just have a lot in common, or it was just to make you jealous about something because he still cared about you so you think " he picked her over me? im so much better" or maybe its his way of calling it off.

Girl: he prob. just found something in common with her or maybe he's looking for something else and she's easy, but he is not worth your time. be bigger then him and move on, show him that you are strong.

Question: " I really liked this girl for the longest time ( 3years to be exact) and we finally started dating, but two weeks in rumours flew around that i had cheated on her with my best friend (who is a girl)and she was so hurt, and called it off. i never cheated on her though, and i want her back so bad but she won't talk to me, so what do i do?" - Marcus N, Medicine Hat, AB.

Answers: Anetka[]: The important thing is that you didn't cheat on her. you have to give the situation time, particularly if she's really hurt, but don't let her think you don't care about her. Make her realize how much you like her, especially if you're a guy with a girl best friend. Prove to her that you care about her more than you do the girl best friend, because if there is one thing that makes girls insecure it's the prospect of their boyfriend appreciating a girl best friend more then they do their girlfriend. if you want to be with her make sure she knows it. and hey, if she doesn't come around, don't give up, just give it some time.

Little Jay: []: talk to her friends and plan something really sweet for her. write something cute, saying that you didn't cheat, and just make it an amazing night. Mention the fact that you liked her for 3 years and wouldn't blow it away for something that dumb.

Bee[Me]: this made me feel sad, because it really sucks when something good you have ends over something you never did. But you need to show her that it never really happened, and show how much you care about her. Talk to her friends first, because girls listen to their best friends advice all the time. SO maybe you can get them to help you out in solving this issue. but the most important thing is to never give up, because if you liked her for 3 years then you can't throw it away, keep fighting, do everything you can, and if it doesn't work out im sorry, but there will always be someone else out there waiting for you to come sweep them off their feet. Keep trying and best of luck!

Question: "So me and my best friend like the same guy...well i should say liked. and she got mad at me when i started to get close to him, like texting and calling eachother. so of course this has put a riff in our friendship. We started to fight alot, not trust eachother, and when he asked me out she gave me an ultimatum, her or him. i ended up picking her, which lalala "how loyal and your such a nice friend blah blah blah" well turns out after i turned him down she as HIM out and he said yes. but he told me he still liked me and wanted to give us a shot, and i really really like him so now what, her or him?" Susanna, Tofino, BC.

Answer: Guy: well first off the dude is just playing games with you all, he prob. has some bet going on cause he can't be that dumb not to notice that you two are friends, so just ditch him, both of you cause wasn't it always "chicks before dicks"? he's just using yall and playing mind games, not worth it.

Anetka []: a good friend would never make you choose between her and a guy, i learned that a long time ago. the problem here is that you can't betray your friend, but she betrayed you too. but the blame can't be put on just you guys but also the guy you both like. sounds like he's playing both of you and maybe its his turn to have an ultimatum: have him decide who he wants to be with and have a talk with your friend, because if you were willing to pick her over him, she should do the same, or else what kind of friend is she. To me she kind of sounds two-faced, but i don't know her, but its times like this you have to re-evaluate her misconception of your guys' friendship.

Girl[Loraine]: she sounds totally fake, so maybe she isn't as good of a friend as you thought. but honestly just think of these questions, "is he really worth all of this?" "do i really like him that much, or can i do better?" and "is she really being my friend?". sounds like you could do way better if you ask me.

so there you go, more questions will be answered later : )

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