Summer, please come sooner : )

11:47 PM


nooo noo noo i have not forgotten all your loverly emails which i promise promise promise i will answer. Some of the questions you guys are hilarious, but all will be on THE BOY PROJECT.

But today i watched Greys Anatomy. So intense, by far the best season finale so far, i think it may beat CSI Miami's (which hasn't played yet) which is a big deal coming from me. I watched it twice. The second time i cried like a baby at the scene with Bailey and Dr. Percy. SO crazy, WATCH IT ONLINE IF YOU MISSED IT. LIKE NOW.

But summer is coming. is that not like the best news of life! Gosh so pumped. These are my goals for summer (not in order):

1.Finish "The Dreamer" & work on "The Disturbed"
2.Work to save up for NY next spring break : )
3.Go to kdays with friends and family
4.write more songs
5.Play guitar (dude i mastered tuning haha most important part!)
6.Dance dance dance
7.Create my own choreo and post it up on youtube (me and my friends have an account already check it: )
8.Jog a lot to keep toned
10.Be happy and a better person
11.Of course blog and work on THE BOY PROJECT

If i think of more i shall let you know.

But doctors appointment in the a.m. so ttyl and have a great may long.

P.S. if my computer loves me MAYBE i can answer one question before i head off, no promises tho. If not tmrw I SWEAR.

Night lovleys.

xoxo : )

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