It's a Bittersweet Life

9:27 PM

This song has been on repeat on my ipod, it's by My Favorite Highway. Love them, and you should all check them out : ) just cause.

And when i sit here writing on my computer, my mind goes blank. I'm at the point where i kind of lost where i'm going, like every turn i make is the wrong one. If life had a map they say it might be a whole lot easier, but really its not. Because sometimes we face problems, like we dont know where the destination is on the map, we read it upside down, or say the wrong place, follow the wrong road, or just dont understand the darn thing. So what do i do. I mean i have nothing to complain about at all. My life is actually really good, loving and supportive family and friends, dance, school, safe, and all the other important things. But it's like that game that they played on sesame street, "one of these things is not like the other" the only problem is, unlike sesame street where it was obvious of which one did not belong, i don't know where i went wrong. or when i went wrong.

summer sure does sound splendid. but first i got to make it through exams : (

how depressing is that?

i mean exams don't really show how smart we are, they really just show how much information we can cram into our heads from the whole semester. but of course, teachers would not see it like thats. they're all "oh no don't be silly, they show us how much you've learned and understand over the course." when really in their minds they are saying " no no no silly little student who obviously know nothing about the real world, we make exams to torture you and pray to sweet neptune that you pass so we don't have to see your faces again."im serious, thats prob running through their head. or else the "wtf is he/she thinking?"

but i'm gunna go, listen to ipod and sleep or read.... or write, oh which i wanted to add i'd like the share the new start to my newest song : ) i'll do it in a separate blog post after this one.


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